Discover some of the most ambitious and binge-worthy releases of the month ahead. There’s something for everyone, including fantasy galore, gallons of suspense and kingdoms on the verge of collapse

1. Carnival Row (Prime Video)

On the 4th, one of the most ambitious fantasy series on Amazon Prime, Carnival Row, is back to fill the huge gap left by the first season of The Rings of Power. Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne resume their starring roles in this story set in a Victorian world filled to the brim with mythological creatures. This growing population struggles to coexist with the humans, who try to maintain a delicate balance. The series, directed by René Echevarria and Travis Beacham, premiered in 2019.

2. El Fin Del Amor (Prime Video)

Also on Prime Video is this long-awaited new series from Leticia Dolera, this time from Argentina and in collaboration with directors Daniel Barone and Constanza Novick. Coming out on the 4th, it follows the daring Tamara, who, after years isolated from popular culture, makes the break from her Jewish roots in Buenos Aires. She goes on to break up with her partner in a rebellion against the rigid, pre-established concept of ​​romance, in a similar way to what she did with her religious life.

3. The Mosquito Coast (Apple TV+)

Also out on the 4th is the second season of The Mosquito Coast on Apple TV+, with the requisite presence of Justin Theroux in the lead. The series follows Allie, a self-taught visionary who one day bids farewell to civilization and moves his family to the jungle with a plan to lay the foundations for a new utopian society. In that sense, Theroux’s character seems to provide some continuity for the one he famously played in HBO Max’s strange and fascinating The Leftovers.

4. The Crown (Netflix)

Without a doubt the most anticipated premiere of the month, dropping on Netflix on the 9th is the fifth season   of The Crown, which will feel even more momentousgivenQueen Elizabeth’s recent death. This new batch of episodes is about her coronation and reign and sees Olivia Colman bow out in order to make way for Imelda Staunton, who won’t be the only newcomer in the cast as Elizabeth Debicki is joining as Lady Di and Dominic West as Prince Charles.

5. Suspect (Movistar Plus+)

After binging The Crown, on November 10 the opportunity will arise to savor this new Movistar Plus+ thriller, split across eight episodes. British actor James Nesbitt stars as a veteran detective investigating the mysterious death of his daughter, in this major new crime drama from the UK’s Channel 4. Convinced she was murdered, his character undertakes a frantic search for the perpetrator of the crime, submitting all the suspects to furious verbal confrontations.

6. Tell Me Lies (Disney +)

On November 16, Disney+ presents a new romantic drama which had its premiere on Hulu in September. The series follows a couple in a toxic and tumultuous relationship which only grows more complex over the course of their 8 years together. After meeting in college, they gradually enter a dangerous downward spiral of addictions that leads them to disconnect from the world around them. The lead actors are Grace Van Patten and Jackson White.  

7. Elite (Netflix)

Netflix’s Big Mac is back on the 18th with the sixth season of the addictive Elite, which was renewed even before its fifth season had been released. As for casting details, it’s been revealed that the most noteworthy new signing is that of Carmen Arrufat, the young actress who made a name for herself with The Innocence, and also those of Ana Bokesa and Álvaro de Juana. Jaime Vaca and Carlos Montero, meanwhile, will continue to lead the series, which revolves around the attempt to solve the mystery of certain characters who are rumored to have disappeared for good. In that regard, Elite delivers precisely what it promises – an abundance of adolescent intrigue.

8. The Patient (Disney +)

Disney+ will see out November with the premiere on the 30th of The Patient, a psychological thriller series starring the very versatile Steve Carell. The story focuses on the life of Alan Strauss, a therapist held prisoner by one of his patients. The latter admits to homicidal urges and asks him for help in controlling the worst of his compulsions. As time goes by, Alan will somehow have to stop his patient before ending up as an accessory to his crimes. Domhnall Gleeson plays the patient, alongside actors such as Linda Emond and Laura Niemi. With its exploration of guilt and trauma, The Patient cements itself as one of the season’s most interesting series.

Arnau Martín Camarasa
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