Prime Video kicks off its season of new releases on September 16 with a long-awaited showpiece – the original series Un asunto privado (A Private Affair), Amazon’s first production developed together with Bambú Producciones, which boasts other hits such as Cable Girls (Netflix). It’s an alliance in which Bambú once again makes use of – with art and elegance – a storyline full of suspense and also comedy set in a bygone era of Spain. Specifically it’s a sexist Spain in which women like Marina Quiroga must strive to make themselves heard in a world made for men.

Un asunto privado takes a stroll back in time to the end of the 1940s, in Vigo. The series doesn’t hold back when it comes to revealing the charms of a Galicia that looks truly stunning on screen. As with other Bambú productions, this is another aspirational series, with fabulous rural mansions, enchanting villages and exquisite costumes. It makes for a fascinating world in which one would be tempted to live, at least for a while.

Aura Garrido (The Ministry of Time) plays Marina Quiroga, the descendent of a long line of Galician police commissioners. Despite her youth, she carries in her blood an investigative instinct and infallible knack for always staying two steps ahead of the rest of the police. Living as she does in a man’s world, though, she can never wear the official badge or head up an investigation. And in keeping with the customs of the time, other onerous duties are expected of her, such as the search for a good husband and the fulfillment of family obligations. But nothing can snuff out her ingenuity or her vocation. Marina Quiroga is, in this way, the 1940s version of Laura Lebrel from Los misterios de Laura (The Mysteries of Laura).

Aura Garrido and Jean Reno. ‘Un asunto privado’. Amazon Prime Video.

Every Sherlock has their Watson. And Marina Quiroga has a superb confidant, a partner without equal – her faithful butler Héctor (played by Frenchman Jean Reno), always invisible in the eyes of upper society but who, after a lifetime serving the family, has also developed a keen talent for sniffing out the clues hidden beneath the carpet. Quiroga and her steadfast squire indeed make a unique pair in this series mixing thriller, comedy and action.

This upper-class young woman will find herself embroiled in a murder that is an odd but not isolated case. And with the help of her trusty butler, she will try to overcome all the police – and societal – obstacles in her way in order to determine the whereabouts of a serial killer who has terrorized the city. Marina doesn’t need a badge in order to go well beyond all the policemen under the command of her brother, the commissioner. Indeed, the intrepid Marina will go as far as she needs to in order to uncover the whole truth.

Aura Garrido and Jean Reno. ‘Un asunto privado’. Amazon Prime Video.

Ángela Molina (Honorary Goya Award 2021) deserves special mention in her role as a crazy, naive mother who doesn’t even know what’s taking place under her own roof and cares only about adhering to the social dictates of high society.

The Un asunto privado cast is rounded out by Alex García (Tiempos de guerra, Riot Police), Gorka Otxoa (Velvet); Tito Valverde (Matadero), who is once more in the role of an inspector that fits his profile like a glove; Irene Montalá (The Boat); Pablo Molinero (The Plague); and Andrés Velencoso (Velvet Colección, Edha), among others.

The 8-part series has been helmed by Teresa Fernández-Valdés as showrunner, who also shares the credit for the original idea along with Gema R. Neira. and Ramon Campos. It is directed by David Pinillos, María Ripoll and Daniel Aranyo.

Daniel Forcada
Daniel Forcada is a journalist, writer and a avid devourer of all kinds of drama series and has worked for ‘El Confidencial’ and ‘Telemadrid’, among other media. As an author, Daniel has published ‘La Corte de Felipe VI’ and ‘Anson, una vida al descubierto’.