Welcome to our selection of September’s most outstanding TV shows

1. The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power (Prime Video)

At last the eagerly-awaited The Lord of the Rings spin-off has reached Spanish screens, set many centuries before the events that occurred in the six films by Peter Jackson, including the saga of The Hobbit. It’s the series with the largest budget in the history of television, and rivals House of the Dragon, the HBO Max prequel to Game of Thrones, in its claim to the throne of contemporary fantasy. The first episodes have been directed by Spanish filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayona.

2. Stargirl (HBO Max)

HBO Max presents the 3rd season of one of its most emblematic superheroines, DC Comics’ Stargirl. The first episode of this new batch will be available as of the 2nd, and no doubt the conflicts of last season will persist and this time with the presence of a new villain, Mister Bones. Surprisingly, the series has managed to stay in production despite the platform undergoing a restructuring that has led to the cancellation of other superhero products such as Batwoman and Supergirl.

3. Life by Ella (Apple TV)

This month also brings the chance to enjoy the new Apple TV drama Life by Ella, in which 13-year-old Ella is determined to find ways to seize each day with even greater relish. With a cast including Lily Brooks O’Briant and Vanessa Carrasco, this series is apt for all audiences and all tastes and at the very least will make September more bearable.

4. Rick and Morty (HBO Max)

Created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, one of the funniest and most beloved animated series of recent years is back for its 6th season on HBO Max and with a trailer foreshadowing dangerous dinosaurs and endless oceans of urine. The coming episodes will pick up the plot at the same point where the last season ended, with the protagonists ecstatic after all kinds of unusual events. Given the cult series was renewed in 2018 for seven seasons, rest assured that many more galactic adventures are yet in the pipeline.

Rick and Morty
‘Rick and Morty’.

5. The Good Fight (Movistar Plus+)

Coming to an end on the 8th is the acclaimed The Good Fight, simply the best legal drama of recent decades, with all due respect to Better Call Saul. This last installment marks the finale of what’s been a 13-season run, if you count its predecessor, The Good Wife. As the creators have said, it’s a good time to bring the long-running story to a close because as great as the show was at reacting to the zeitgeist, it risked a certain repetition creeping in. This final batch is set in the tense climate caused by debates on issues such as voting rights and other controversial legislation. André Braugher will be the last major addition to the series, while Audra McDonald and Christine Baranski continue at the helm.

6. The Handmaid’s Tale (HBO Max)

The fifth season of one of contemporary TV’s most riveting and daring dystopias is almost here. The Handmaid’s Tale, derived from the novels by Margaret Atwood, returns to the small screen to reveal the new challenges facing the resistance to the Gilead empire and its cruel vassals. The first episode, available September 15, kicks off a season where actress Elisabeth Moss, known mainly for her role in Mad Men, returns as a central figure in the show’s ensemble. Her character, June, must continue fighting to redefine her identity and finally reunite with her daughter, while the widow Serena must face up to her pregnancy and Commander Lawrence will strive to reform the regime’s dictatorship. Various storylines will be woven together once more in this new and ferocious edition.

7. Andor (Disney+)

The galactic universe continues to expand its limits with Andor, which will unfold on Disney+ to complement The Mandalorian and Obi Wan Kenobi. The 21st marks the date from which the public can start viewing the series, which will follow the escapades of Cassian Andor, whose voyages and confrontations will periodically expand the platform’s offering. Diego Luna and Stellan Skarsgård star in the fiction, penned by screenwriter Stephen Schiff, one of the creators of The Americans. Andor is a test for a new consumption model introduced by Disney, as the series has been divided into two perfectly delineated parts, which will span five years of Star Wars history. Shooting of the second part will start in the fall and feature more time jumps.

8. Las de la última fila (Netflix)

Spanish filmmaker and screenwriter Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, seasoned in feature films and short films, makes his TV debut with Las de la última fila (The Girls at the Back), a dramatic comedy that drops on Netflix on the 23rd. The story revolves around five women in their thirties, close friends since school, who organize a one-week getaway every year. This time it will be different, however, as one of them has been diagnosed with cancer. The series features the presence of Itsaso Arana and Mónica Miranda, the former known for her exceptional performance in the movie The August Virgin (La virgen de Agosto).

9. Apagón (Movistar Plus+)

The new Movistar Plus+ series, Apagón (Blackout), is produced by Buendía Estudios and inspired by a science fiction podcast from Grupo Prisa. The premise for the relating of a range of parallel tales is a solar storm that causes a widespread blackout. There are five stories focused on characters who must face a world without electricity and must confront their most primal instincts. The script and direction of the series brings together great talents of contemporary Spanish fiction, such as Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Isabel Peña, Raúl Arévalo, Alberto Rodríguez and Isaki Lacuesta. It will start streaming from the 29th,

Arnau Martín Camarasa
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