If you thought surviving in Polaris VI, the Antarctic science station where The Head takes place, was an odyssey, then rest assured the experience aboard freighter ship Alexandria, home to the protagonists of season two of the series produced by The Mediapro Studio in collaboration with Hulu Japan that has reached more than 90 countries, will be no less distressing and terrifying. This scientific ship houses an extensive laboratory where Arthur Wilde (John Lynch) is engaged in a key mission in  the fight against climate change and guaranteeing our planet’s survival.

“Research and science are much more present than in the first season. But that show conserves its Agatha Christie-style story together with the element of survival in a hostile environment. And of course, someone loses their head,” says Jorge Dorado, director and executive producer of the series. If season one paid homage to Carpenter’s The Thing, then the reference here is Cast Away, by Zemeckis. “In the end, that’s part of the series’ DNA: a hostile, isolated place, from which escape is impossible, where crimes are committed by unknown assailants. There are also many major psychological elements. Whereas in the first season we dealt more with traumas and family matters, here we address the characters dreams and desires, what they have left behind. When we were doing the documentary phase, we discovered that this is something much more present at sea, on a ship. In addition, there’s more adventure involved on sailing he open seas.”


Only John Lynch and Katharine O’Donnelly repeat in The Head 2, which features twenty new actors of ten different nationalities, including Hovik Keuchkerian (Money Heist, Riot Police), Moe Dunford (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Enrique Arce (Money Heist, Rifkin’s Festival), Josefin Neldé (The Restaurant), Olivia Morris (Hotel Portofino), Thierry Godard (Oussekine, A French Case), and featuring a special appearance by Japan’s Sôta Fukushi (Bleach). “The characters are more complex and more developed and there are a multitude of situations with more than one reading. We filmed entirely in English, but the technical crew is all Spanish, so I was constantly switching languages. The advantage to that was when the cast heard anything that wasn’t in English, they automatically knew it had nothing to do with them”, said Dorado laughing.


The new episodes, written by Mariano Baselga together with Jordi Galcerán, Isaac Sastre and Caué Laratta, represent “one more step” from the creative and production point of view, as Ran Tellem, creator and executive producer of the series and director of international content development at The Mediapro Studio, highlighted. In fact, ‘The Head 2’ has multiplied scenarios with scenes shot in exteriors on the Alexandria actually being filmed over the course of three weeks on a real, 150-meter-long cargo ship in Tenerife. The interior of the ship was built in Madrid, on a set of 1,200 square meters, where, among other sets, the showrunners reproduce the scientific laboratory where Arthur Wilde works, built on a real scale and with a fish tank measuring 280 centimeters in diameter.

“Real locations always afford greater credibility. We also consulted with several ship captains and people who have been on the high seas for long periods, and they had a wealth of anecdotes to share with us, so it’s always positive to surround yourself with the reality.” insists Dorado, who would love the opportunity to shoot a third season to bring the story full circle. But, right now, he’s focused on the final editing stage of this  second adventure, which they hope to premiere in early 2023.

Helena Cortés
Helena Cortés. Journalist (by profession) and audiovisual communicator, is the girl on TV on ABC and ABC Play. I was analyzing series and programs in ‘Non Stop People’ (Movistar +) and Cope and now you can listen in to it on ‘Las cinco letras’ of the ‘El enfoque’ program on Onda Madrid. Learning and lecturing on Journalism at Universidad Carlos III.