Free-spirited, uninhibited, ironic, provocative, politically incorrect, tender, surprising, gossipy, reflective, laid-back, and very witty. Organized chaos and chaotically organized

Those are just some of the terms that have been used to describe Señoras con vison, the first Amazon Music original podcast in Spain. Launched a few weeks ago, it’s available on the Amazon Music app and through any Alexa-compatible device. A production of El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), a new episode of Señoras con vison comes out every Friday. And with each new installment comes the confirmation that being fed up to your tits with something is a women’s thing. Four, 40-something friends are the show’s stars: director and actress Nata Moreno, actresses Bárbara Goenaga and Celia Pastor, and TV and radio script writer Esti Gabilondo.

They bring a touch of humor to serious subjects, including ones we thought we had more than dealt with, as well as taboos, the injustices of life, and anything else listeners might like to know but were too afraid to ask. We talked to these four free-speaking females to find out about this new venture of theirs, which is a bit wacky at times but also features their hard-won wisdom.

Señoras con visón
“Señoras con visón”. Amazon Music

Why the name “Ladies in mink”? I gather it came from a conversation the four of you had while out one night.

The name arose when we were in the bathroom of a bar and joking about how we were becoming more and more like those typical groups of women you see sitting out on the patio of a bar having their hot chocolate and churros and a good old gossip. Imitating them had us in stitches and the name has stuck ever since.

So it’s an ironic title then? Mink? You four?

Well, less and less ironic, actually.

Were you already podcast listeners before you got your own show?

Very much so.

Did you have any qualms about taking up this chance to share your highs and your lows, your virtues and flaws, your strengths and weaknesses, so publicly?

It was our own idea, actually. We soon realized that whoever we talked to about it, loved it.

Who chooses the topics? Are they assigned to you? Suggested?
We choose them ourselves. Always. They’re a product of all the discussions we’ve had over 15 years of friendship.

“The things we were late for” and “The vagina” were topics in the first episodes of Ladies in mink. Did you have enough time to deal with them or have you still got more to say on those subjects? Do you think they’ll probably crop up in future instalments?

We run out of time with every subject we discuss, because they are always big topics. And inevitably, the themes we cover will tend to overlap throughout the episodes.

Has Señoras con vison made you even better friends?

That would be a big ask! We’ve already been friends for so many years.

Have you discovered things you didn’t know about each other?

The four of us had never worked together before so it’s been really neat, and also a little surprising, to see how the different roles have played out.

Do you improvise or is there a script you stick closely to?

We talk about it beforehand and sketch out a framework, so it doesn’t end up sounding like four hens squawking in a henhouse. We try to ensure we’ve got material that’s interesting, but also entertaining and very personal. The unexpected always pops up, of course, and that makes it all the more fun.

Is one of you the leader? Or do you take a more ‘transversal’ approach, as they like to say these days, so four voices, four bosses?

It’s four bosses, yes!

Does Señoras con vison have a target audience? Do you need to be a woman in order to listen to and enjoy it? And do you have to have a mink, or at least know what one is?
The topics we deal with are universal enough to interest many different kinds of audiences. The perspective we offer is one of four ladies who enjoy doing some self-reflection in order to understand ourselves better, and also so listeners don’t put their feet in the same puddles we’ve muddied ourselves in.

There were plenty of laughs in the first few episodes, but should we also expect some misty-eyed moments in later ones? Would it be a bit lame to be all smiles and no tears?

We provide a journey through all the emotions. There’ll be laughter, anger, pain. Just like in real life.

Lastly, in the podcast you talk about theHinge’ generation. Do all of you identify with that sort of in-between cohort?

Totally. That’s why we believe our podcast will interest not just those who have gone before us, but also those who are coming up behind us.

Pere Vall
Pere Vall  Journalist covering the world of cultural and entertainment in general, specialized in cinema. Pere is a regular contributor to Time Out, Ara, RNE and Catalunya Ràdio, and was editor-in-chief of the magazine Fotogramas in Barcelona for more than 20 years. A fan of Fellini, of good, regular and bad horror movies, and of humor and comedy in general. As a child, he wanted to look like Alain Delon, and has ended with a certain resemblance to Chicho Ibáñez Serrador. Not that he’s complaining though.