Now into its second season, The Boarding School: Las Cumbres, premiering on Prime Video April 1, remains an impenetrable and impregnable death trap; a genuine and apparently never-ending fortress, replete with tunnels, vaults, basements, torture and punishment rooms, and interconnected zones making this bizarre high school a mental and physical labyrinth for all those tormented inmates in their pristine and pressed school uniforms. A complex maze for them, and also to a degree, for audiences who are progressively penetrating the practical total darkness through which the eight episodes in the series advance, darker and more apocalyptic than ever before.

By now, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Las Cumbres is anything but a reformatory for troubled kids whose families have locked them up there as a last resort when all else had failed. If anything, it’s a fortress housing students and jailers together with a religious community proficient at turning a blind eye to the draconian disciplinary regime in force; teachers who, for the most part, don’t have one iota of compassion for their wards; members of an allegedly satanic lodge (the Crow’s Nest) who murder innocent girls in the middle of the night obeying ominous, ancestral rituals; and unscrupulous scientists from the Corax laboratories who utilize the boarders like guinea pigs for their shifty clinical trials.

The second season of The Boarding School: Las Cumbres resolves a good portion of the issues surrounding all these intertwined plots but continues to leave us with several loose ends, even offering up some fresh enigmas. A strategy that delves us even deeper inside the labyrinth so central to the storyline and can at times become somewhat frustrating due an innate need to tie up loose ends and get some closure. It doesn’t  matter how many times the boarders try to escape, inform the public beyond the walls of what’s really going on in there, or outwit the teachers of Las Cumbres. Every effort proves fruitless, only reminding them that nobody escapes from the boarding school, slamming the door on the cruelest of practices that remain invisible to the police investigating a bizarre series of crimes in the natural beauty of the Pyrenean valley.

El Internado Las Cumbres

Although, we do get some clarity about certain matters, as we discover more about Inés, her past and her strange relationship with the music teacher, León, as she begins to piece together parts of the puzzle that didn’t quite match up with what she had been told, sparking a whole new set of questions about her past life. What bonds her to León? What’s the connection between them and Dario Mendoza?

The clan formed by Amaia, Paul, Paz, Eric and Julio continue their quest to uncover the secrets of the Crow’s Nest and the meddling practices of the Corax laboratories as they fight to find their friend Manuel alive. Pol’s sister, Adèle, proves pivotal to keeping hope alive. The group, and accordingly, the cast, is also joined by newcomer Clara Galle, whose distinctive magnetism and vigor patent in every scene she’s in, augurs a very bright future indeed for this young actress.

El Internado Las Cumbres

Season two is directed by Denis Rovira (The Boarding School: Las Cumbres S1, The Influence), and Mikel Rueda (The Double Plus Fifteen, Veneno) and stars Asia Ortega (The Hockey Girls), Albert Salazar (A.K.A.), Daniel Arias Vega (Cuéntame), Daniela Rubio (La caza. Monteperdido), Claudia Riera (The Hockey Girls), Paula del Río (Retribution), Gonzalo Díez (7 días), Carlos Alcaide (Libertad), Natalia Dicenta (Solas), Ramiro Blas (Locked Up), Mina El Hammani (Élite), Joel Bosqued (Un golpe de suerte), Patxi Santamaría (Lucky Fred),  Lucas Velasco (Educando a Nina), Joseba Usabiaga (Handia), Amaia Lizarralde (Hospital Central), Iñake Irastorza (Advantages of Travelling by Train), Aitor Beltrán (Ignatius de Loyola), Asier Hernández (Go!azen) and Kándido Uranga  (Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City); among others. The series also features  Óscar Zafra in what was to be one of his final roles and who passed away suddenly last June.

The Boarding School: Las Cumbres is a THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO co-production in association with Buendía Estudios, with executive producers for the STUDIO, Laura Fernández Espeso, Javier Pons and Laura Belloso, with Ignacio Corrales and Sonia Martínez for Buendía Estudios.

Daniel Forcada
Daniel Forcada is a journalist, writer and a avid devourer of all kinds of drama series and has worked for ‘El Confidencial’ and ‘Telemadrid’, among other media. As an author, Daniel has published ‘La Corte de Felipe VI’ and ‘Anson, una vida al descubierto’.