Black comedy, cop shows and westerns, – just a sample of what’s flourishing on TV has as spring is in the air.

1. The Boarding School Las Cumbres (Amazon Prime Video)

Prime Video gets the month off to a fine start with season two of The Boarding School Las Cumbres, a The Mediapro Studio co-production in association with Buendía Estudios. The riot that followed in the wake of Elías’s death outraged the school’s principal, who now has imposed an even stricter regime of discipline than the one she already kept in pace to govern the center. On top of that, after Rita’s death, no one doubts that there’s a serial killer lurking among them as things begin to look even bleaker than before for the boarders. With new faces joining the cast including Clara Galle, Irene Anula, Nicolas Cazale, Annick Weerts and Alberto Berzal, continuity of the storyline is assured in this latest installment.

2. Élite (Netflix)

Netflix‘s Big Mac is back on the 8th for its fifth season in what has proved one of the most popular shows and biggest hits among younger audiences in Spain as the latest installment from the Commerford family picks up where season four left off in the wake of such some pretty heavy hitting moments like Guzmán murdering Ari’s attacker, Armando, and then disposing of the body. Season five also promises to reveal the intentions of the new principal at Las Encinas, while Rebbe will test the waters in her relationship with Mencia. All this and much more to be revealed in store for you in this fifth and long-awaited encounter with Elite.  

3. Sentimos las molestias (Sorry to bother you) (Movistar +)

Spanish comedy is also painting the town red and on the 8th audiences can finally get their teeth into the latest project from the zany Un efecto óptico director, Juan Cavestany, who together with prolific TV screenwriter Álvaro Fernández Armero, bring us a fine collection of veteran actors joining forces in this tale of friendship between an orchestra conductor and an ageing ex-rock legend who refuses to hang up his guitar, also featuring another great, Fiorella Faltoyano, rounding off the cast.

4. Tokyo Vice (HBO Max)

HBO Max is shaping up to rule the roost in terms of the best series on offer this month, and they’ve been true to form thus far, as market leaders since releasing Euphoria. Tokyo Vice, the latest noir thriller, and as the title might indicate, is set in the Japanese capital with a look and feel you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking was directly inspired by the work of Nicolas Winding Refn, although no need for references when you have the likes of veteran Michael Mann and filmmaker Destin Cretton behind the project. On top of these heavy hitters in the directors seat, the series also features big-name stars Ken Watanabe and Ansel Elgort, better-known for his role in Steven Spielberg’s remake of West Side Story. In what appears to be a reboot of Miami Vice, a local reporter decides to start airing some of the country’s wealthiest criminals’ laundry in public with the ensuing inevitable consequences.

5. Roar (Apple TV+)

Apple TV+ brings us a collection of fiercely feminist leading characters in Roar which arrives on the fifteenth and features Hollywood great Nicole Kidman, accompanied by Alison Brie, Cynthia Erivo and Merritt Wever, starring in this adaptation of Cecelia Ahern’s best-selling collection of stories translated into eight episodes, with Kidman also tasking on an executive producer role just as she did in the hit show, Big Little Lies. The action revolves around these stories for women everywhere in their daily struggle against adversity, giving light to a quirky universe where reality is determined by the power lurking deep inside each one.

6. Outer Range (Prime Video)

Buckle up well because it’s going to be a rough ride on the 15th as Josh Brolin heads West once again after appearing in such iconic features as No Country for Old People, True Grit or the equally desert ridden Dune as Prime Video go all in with the high stakes platform release Outer Range. So, brace yourselves to get down and dirty with this rancher whose primary concern is his family’s wellbeing as his courage will be put to the test with the sudden and inexplicable appearance of a strange hole near his property that will soon have a major impact on everyone in the community.

7. Better Call Saul (Movistar+)

April 19th will be remembered as the beginning of the end for one of the most critically acclaimed series of the century. A Shakespearean tale of brothers in the legal profession that mutates into a crime drama in this direct prequel to the masterful Breaking Bad. The spin-off focuses on one of the more colorful characters from its predecessor, Saul Goodman, as the show sets about explaining his origins and how he transformed his identity to become a distinguished lawyer known for his dealings with the Mexican cartels. This final batch of episodes still has plenty of enigmas to resolve when we recall his first appearance in Breaking Bad and how his adventures with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman panned out in the end.

8. Barry (HBO Max)

Then, on April 25th HBO brings us one of the streaming giant’s most successful black comedies still running today and the latest installment from Barry. Season three revisits with this troubled character as we see him try to leave his violent past behind him and disentangle himself from the world that has weighed down so heavily upon him thus far, that of being a hit man for hire. Now, Barry years to devote himself mind and body to the world of acting. However, covering up his darker side doesn’t prove as easy as it might have appeared at first and showrunners promise season three will maintain the ingenuity and sense of humor of the previous two, earning it the title of a worthy successor to Dexter.

9. We Own This City (HBO Max)

And 24 hours later we’ll be revisiting HBO Max as journalist and showrunner behind the superb The Wire and The Deuce, David Simon is back in Baltimore to give the green light to the pilot of his latest series and another excellent social commentary. We Own This City returns to the streets where was met Omar and Co. and which Simon hadn’t graced with a screen presence since the final episode of The Wire aired back in 2008. This time, the backdrop would appear to motivated by the brutal murder of George Floyd, as the crime committed against a young black man in police custody provokes a wave of riots, sparking a reaction from the city’s police department to weapon-up in order to maintain control over the streets.

10. Undone (Amazon Prime Video)

And to wrap up the month, on the 29th Amazon Prime releases one of the most critically acclaimed and popular animated series in recent years with Undone, hailed for its groundbreaking format using rotoscope animation as well as some pretty stellar writing, making this a fascinating project to examine. The series created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Burdy explores the elastic nature of reality through the central character Alma as she seeks out answers about her family’s past and her roots, aided on this occasion by her sister, Becca. Alma is now ready to embark once again on a complex web of memories and motivations that have made her and her sister the adult women they are today. 

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