Bringing you the menu of the hardest hitting new series coming your way this January

1- Rebelde (Netflix)

Netflix kicks off 2022 with Rebelde, a new teen drama that picks up from where Mexican telenovela of the same name left off, which in turn is an adaptation of another Argentine telenovela, Rebelde Way. On the heels of the success of Elite, the platform continues betting on tales from the lives of teen students, their passions, conflicts and rivalries as they work their way through adolescence, coming January 5th

2- Euphoria (HBO Max)

January 10 sees the return of one of HBO’s revelation series over the past years, this time on HBO Max as Sam Levinson returns to the director’s chair in this gritty analysis of contemporary life as a teenager, complete with the Emmy award-winning Zendaya who continues dazzling in the role of Rue. After two interdependent episodes to transition from one season and another, get ready for another dose of serious adolescent dilemmas, seasoned with a soundtrack and makeup department delivering faithful homage to the shows most lauded hallmarks.

3- Peacemaker (HBO Max)

After directing the acclaimed reboot of The Suicide Squad, filmmaker James Gunn is back on January 13 with his latest series, Peacemaker, where comedy and crazy adventure are the mainstays of his own particular vision of Super Hero cinema, or maybe it would be more precise to say antiheroes. Starring onetime celebrity wrestler John Cena, accompanied by Steve Agee and Danielle Brooks, the story essentially revolves around the character of a ruthless murderer who believes that anything goes in the fight for peace.  

4- Express (Starzplay)

On January 16 Starzplay‘s premium service launches its first original series for TV with Express, produced by The Mediapro Studio and created by Iván Escobar and Antonio Sánchez Olivas. Platform subscribers can follow the exploits of criminal psychologist, played by Maggie Civantos, and her family after she becomes the victim of one of the newest, virally spreading forms of violent crime, the express kidnapping. Joining Civantos in the cast are Kiti Mánver, Vicente Romero and Alba Planas, among others.

 5- Queens (Disney +)

On the 19th, Disney+ offers audiences the ABC series Queens, that follows four women who come together for a common goal: to recapture the fame and braggadocio they once reaped as 90’s group and hip-hop legends, Nasty Bitches. The chemistry between the four stars has garnered critical acclaim already, together with the balance showrunners have managed to strike between their individual talent and collective swagger.   


6- Ozark (Netflix)

Another tale of crime and punishment comes to an end as it’s time to bid farewell to another of Netflix‘s hit series. On January 21st, Ozark begins to bow out with the first batch of episodes in its fourth and final season which the good folk at Netflix announcing that the final installment will consist of fourteen episodes split into two even-part chapters. Season four sets out to resolve several of the questions introduced at the beginning of the third season, namely and most significantly, the connection between the Byrde family and the Omar Navarro drug cartel, and Ruth’s break with the Byrdes, leading her to work with a rival mafia.

7- Servant (Apple TV)

On the same day, Apple TV bolsters its offer with the third part of one of its darkest series to date, Servant, the pilot of which was directed by none other than the renowned M. Night Shyamalan and this third installment of the platform’s most suggestive psychological thrillers comes just three months after the end of the second season, in which the protagonist couple are forced to defend their family from the dark threat looming over them. Cast members include the return of Lauren Ambrose, Nell Tiger Free and Rupert Grint, joined by actress and dancer Sunita Mani.

8- The Gilded Age (HBO Max)

On January 25, HBO Max brings us this 19th century version of Succession and this tale of a group of New York millionaires in their latest series from showrunner Julian Fellowes, The Gilded Age. The same man responsible for Downton Abbey and the recent series on the origins of English football, The English Game, returns to television drama for this portrait that focuses on his fetish specialty, the aristocracy, in this adaptation of Sara Donati’s best-selling historical fiction.

9- This is Us (Prime Video)

The 27th sees the conclusion of one of the most emotionally charged and moving series in recent years in this story of four characters who share the same birthday and that of the mother of triplets, Rebecca. Family drama and relationships combined with comedy in these final five seasons in what has been called one of the most unconventional works in recent times, now ready to bid farewell with its hallmark emotional shield. As usual, the first episode begins on the Pearson siblings’ birthday, who are now getting along better than before.

10- They All Lie (Movistar+)

So, after wiping away the tears from the day before with the swan song of This is Us, the new series from prolific creator, showrunner and filmmaker Pau Freixas opens on Movistar, and this time brings together a powerful cast including Natalia Verbeke, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Juan Diego Botto, Amaia Salamanca and Ernesto Alterio. The six-part miniseries and dram thriller which navigates the waters and peaceful life of a tight-knit community of friends and colleagues that’s about to be rocked to the core when a shocking sex-tape is leaked, sparking an investigation that will call into question the reputation of a teacher and her student.

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