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1. ‘Money Heist’ (Netflix)

Already a Netflix classic, the famous hit created by Alex Pina is coming to an end with this, its final season, divided into two parts. The first five episodes will be available on Netflix from day 3, while viewers will have to wait ‘til year’s end to see the second and final batch of episodes. At a time when the fate of the Professor and the crew hangs by a thread, the trailer assures us of maximum tension and an outcome to live up to expectations.  

2. ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ (HBO)

Our hilarious New York vampires are back on HBO on the 4th with the third season of what was once a solo film directed by filmmaker Taika Waititi, who has directed some of the series’ episodes. In its first two parts ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ received widespread critical acclaim, especially for its use of  mockumentary as a strategy for discourse. 

3. ‘Scenes from a Marriage’ (HBO)

And from the stubborn and self-parodic comedy we move on to the more Bergmanian family drama, in what will be a remake of one of the Swedish filmmaker’s late masterpieces. On the 13th Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain breathe life into a couple whose marriage is falling apart, and we’ll have the pilot episode available to delve into the private lives of these characters. The miniseries is directed by Hagai Levi, creator of the multi-award-winning Golden Globes ‘The Affair’ and co-creator of the acclaimed ‘In Treatment’ with Rodrigo García.

‘Scenes from a Marriage’

4. ‘Sex Education’ (Netflix)

On September 17, Netflix presents us with another of its most anticipated returns, the third part of ‘Sex Education’, a white, non-taboo in-depth analysis of sexual awakening in preadolescence, essentially set in an American high school. Season one took us by surprise, while receiving mixed reviews in the second, but what the critics have agreed on is that the showrunner Laurie Nunn manages to make  even the most explicit appear tender and loving.  

5. ‘The Morning Show’ (Apple TV)

That same day Apple TV enters the game with its first trick for the month of September, the second season of ‘The Morning Show’, where we’ll once again meet  the morning news team, this time licking their wounds after the disastrous blow from Alex and Bradley’s actions. Everything indicates that in this second milestone the series will maintain its critical tone with the immense gap between privacy and public projection, and which made this one of the most outstanding series of 2019. 

6. ‘American Horror Story: Double Feature’ (Disney +)

Writer and director Ryan Murphy returns to the fray on the 22nd with a brand-new installment of his anthological series ‘American Horror Story’, this time destined for Disney + streaming portfolio. The most talked-about cast signing was that of Macaulay Culkin, who along with Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. stars in a story to be narrated over two mini-seasons, but his plot still remains undercover. According to the images from the trailer, it looks like we’re on our way to a  desert island.  

7. ‘Goliath’ (Prime Video)

On September 24th, ‘Goliath’ returns with part four, starring the legendary Billy Bob Thornton, who plays lawyer, Billy McBride. Few details have been confirmed about the plot, but executive producer Lawrence Trilling was pleased to announce that the new McBride case will address a timely and generational global crisis. The series will also have to resolve the immense concerns of series followers, around the survival and recovery of McBride, shot in a parking lot in the last episode broadcast.

8. ‘Doom Patrol’ (HBO)

And we’ll also be reserving the 24th for the ‘Doom Patrol’, one of the most iconic crews in DC Comics, and whom we’ll be meeting again in their third season. The previous one left fans with a cliffhanger that should be resolved soon, where we saw the group take on Candlemaker by breaking free from Dorothy’s mind. In addition, the presence of The Dada Brotherhood and Dead Boy Detectives has been confirmed. 

9. ‘Foundation’ (Apple TV)

Looks like the 24th is going to be mad, as Apple TV provide the icing on September’s cake with one of its most eagerly anticipated series. The adaptation of “Foundation”, Isaac Asimov‘s science fiction novel, was announced in the early part of last year. Rupert Sanders, who directed Scarlett Johansson in “Ghost in the Shell”, directs here and Jared Harris will be the main star. David S. Goyer, screenwriter of Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy, also participated in the script. The story will plunge us into the decline of the Galactic Empire, where  mathematician Hari Seldon tries to train a group of scientists in his theories to create the great Encyclopedia of Knowledge and thus prevent humanity from plunging into an eternal period of darkness.

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