We’re sharing a succulent menu of serial fiction ranging from fantasy to romance, zombies and animated features for you to enjoy this summer

1. Control Z (Netflix)

Critics defined “Control Z” as a “Sherlock Holmes” for teens, and Netflix premieres season two of the show on August 4th. The series, created by Mexican directors Bernardo de la Rosa and Alejandro Lozano, will continue with the adventures of Sofía to uncover the identity of an infamous hacker threatening to reveal intimate secrets of everyone in the school, causing terror among the students. According to the synopsis, along the way our protagonist may even find love.

2. Mr. Corman (Apple TV)

Two days later on the 6th, we can enjoy actor and filmmaker Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s return to the director’s chair, who hasn’t been behind the camera since directing Scarlett Johansson in 2013, and this time it’s a production for the small screen. In “Mr. Corman” we will meet an artist at heart but not by trade, played by Levitt himself, in what promises to be a humble portrait of ennui and doubts about his life and conflicting feelings.

3. What if…? (Disney +)

Marvel fans will be celebrating the long-awaited release on the 11th of the anthological series that retraces the steps of the Cinematic Universe of the franchise in order to find out what could have happened if the events we’ve already witnessed had taken another direction. This is Marvel’s first animated work and features recently deceased Chadwick Boseman in what was to be his final role, as well as the reappearance of many of our favorite superheroes.  

4. See (Apple TV+)

At the end of the month, to be exact, on the 27th, Apple TV+ premieres the second part of “See”, starring strongman Jason Momoa and devised by Steven Knight, creator of “Peaky Blinders”. In its first season, “See” unfolded as a fantastic and dystopian series in which the humanity of the future loses the ability to see, but their plans for survival are cut short by the birth of twins who regain their sight. From here on in, it’s adventure and forays into immense,  inhospitable natural environments galore.    

5. Fernando (Prime Video)

Fans of Formula 1 are in luck because on the same 27th, the second season of “Fernando”, a four-part documentary series produced by The Mediapro Studio arrives on Amazon Prime Video in which the cameras accompany Fernando Alonso covering the period from confinement to his home in Switzerland and the varying high-level competition scenarios, up until the preparations for his return to Formula 1. This second installment will offer us exclusive images of Fernando Alonso and his experience competing while complying with health restrictions. The show premieres exclusively on Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories around the world.

6. The Pursuit of Love (Movistar +)

Actress Emily Mortimer, who had already established a name for herself on television with the making of “Doll & Em”, premiered “The Pursuit of Love” on the BBC to widespread critical acclaim and positive reviews. The series is set in the 1920s, and follows the adventures and misadventures of two women, one of whom played by the affable Lily James, as they seek out the ideal husband and explore the paths of opportunity opening up before them. This will be one of the first series available to watch this August, released on Movistar+ on August 2nd.

7. Modern Love (Prime Video)

Showrunner John Carney returns to the fray with the second link in the chain that comprises “Modern Love”, first batch of episodes released in 2019. This new season, which we can enjoy on Amazon Prime from August 13th, features performances by Anna Paquin and the return of Kit Harington,  better known for having played Jon Snow in the famous “Game of Thrones”. Apparently, the series, which was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, will remain faithful to its chapter structure, and aims to narrate a series of independent stories with the theme of love as the backbone.

8. Britannia (HBO)

On the 24th, HBO will add to its catalog with the third season of “Britannia”, a serial piece that dates back to Ancient Rome, more specifically to the year 43 BC, and narrates the attempts of the imperial army to colonize the savage British lands, ruled by warring clans and druids. What could be a distant relative of the acclaimed “Outlander” will continue with the forays of General Plautius, Queen Antedia and Princess Kerri, whose interests will collide with perilous consequences for all.

9. The Walking Dead (AMC)

Just one day prior, loyal fans of “The Walking Dead” will be elated with the return of the series, which is back for its eleventh season on AMC. This season promises to bring the curtains down on this gargantuan project that started out with the comics created by Robert Kirman. The latest installment consists of 24 episodes divided into three blocks of eight to be broadcast  throughout this year and 2022. There is speculation about the possible return of one of its main protagonists, Rick Grimes, who mysteriously disappeared in the middle of season 9.

10. Truth Be Told (Apple TV)

Apple TV will come full circle this month with the second part of “Truth Be Told”, with the first episode becoming available on August 20th. Although season one was met with mixed reviews, the presence of Aaron Paul and Octavia Spencer kept the story afloat. On its return, true-crime journalist turned podcast presenter immerses herself in a new case that will plunge her into the relationship she had with a childhood friend putting the past bond between them to the test.  

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