All six episodes of the comedy starring Miren Ibarguren are now available on  Movistar+

“Patricia is the same as every other boss who has been down the same road. If I hung a scrotum on her, she’d be your idol”. This is how veteran secretary Marisol defends Patricia Picón, a senior executive at an investment bank, leader of a team of men, dedicated mother, perfect wife, complacent daughter and sister. Patricia is the star of “Supernormal”, a comedy produced by Movistar+ and Secuoya Studios, all six episodes of which are now available on the platform, which comes to show that this stereotype of the incombustible and successful woman has more cracks than it may originally appear. Because, despite the fact that from the outside, this ‘superwoman’s’ life played by Miren Ibarguren is enviable, in private she’s permanently tip-toeing along the edge of the abyss, disaster waiting to strike.

Olatz Arroyo and Marta Sánchez, series creators and screenwriters directed by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro (“Spanish Affair”), are only too familiar with what they’re talking about: “Supernormal” was born from their own experience, from juggling skills acquired by all those women striving to be good mothers and excellent professionals. Before becoming a screenwriter, Arroyo worked in an investment bank, so she knows full well this testosterone-dominated world, plagued by rivalries and targets to hit. Both, in addition, had already coincided on other series including “Allí abajo”, “Madres. Amor y vida” and “Aída”.

Here, however, they’ve traded in the standard Spanish comedy format of 70-minute episodes to deliver six, 25-minute comedy capsules. That agility and freshness of the mockumentary format, in the style of “Modern Family” or “The Office”, with interviews in which the characters themselves discuss their lives, making it an easy series to devour.

A Masterclass

In addition, Miren Ibarguren, always ready to show that she’s mastered the art of making people laugh, performs a genuine comedy recital. She manages to convert her Patricia Picón into a relentless, competitive, but also ironic and tender woman. The actress prepared for the role conscientiously, even accompanying a bank-executive friend of Emilio Martínez-Lázaro to the office for a couple of days.

The best thing about “Supernormal” is that, in addition, the protagonist is not alone. She’s accompanied, aided, and abetted by many more women, fabulous supporting actors from all walks of life: Marisol (the veteran and brilliant Gracia Olayo), her secretary and faithful squire; Imelda (Usun Yoon), the maid who also takes care of her three children; Isa Picón (Bárbara Goenaga), her sister, with a radically different character from hers … She also has male accomplices, such as her sacrificial husband, Alfonso (Diego Martín), who drives her crazy with his ideas and problems. In fact, merely following the adventures of these characters would provide enough material to continue the story far beyond this first installment.

However, and despite being one of the few series in our industry championed by and starring women, “Supernormal” is by no means a protest comedy written only with women in mind, Nor is it a series that’ll have you constantly laughing, but rather a fresh, friendly and entertaining proposal to ensure that fiction also does in cutting off the lifeline to the ‘superwoman’ cliché who parries her own and the world’s problems without a care and as she  cracks a smile. Or at the bare minimum, we can all have a bit of fun at her expense.

Helena Cortés
Helena Cortés. Journalist (by profession) and audiovisual communicator, is the girl on TV on ABC and ABC Play. I was analyzing series and programs in ‘Non Stop People’ (Movistar +) and Cope and now you can listen in to it on ‘Las cinco letras’ of the ‘El enfoque’ program on Onda Madrid. Learning and lecturing on Journalism at Universidad Carlos III.