Cosmo premieres the new series shot in Spain this Tuesday at 10:30 pm, an exposé of multicultural life on the Balareic Islands.

She, Miranda Blake (Elen Rhys), is a meticulous, introvert and hard-nosed British police officer who does everything by the book. He, Max Winter (Julian Looman), is a fun loving, partying German detective who, after years in Mallorca, prefers to rely on his instincts to solve the most complex crimes. Both work tirelessly to keep the island’s criminals at bay in ‘The Mallorca Files’, a British production airing Tuesday (10:30 pm) on Cosmo.

Although there are local characters –namely the chief of the Mallorca police, Inés Villegas (María Fernández-Ache), the coroner Federico Ramis (Nacho Aldeguer) and waitress Carmen Lorenzo (Tábata Cerezo)–, the Spanish accent is provided by the island itself, with its paradisiacal beaches, impressive mountains and luxurious villas and yachts. In fact, the producers, Cosmopolitan Pictures and Clerkenwell Films for the BBC, shot on locations all over Mallorca: from the bay of Palma to that of Alcudia, via Tramuntana and the coves of Levante, and its famed Cuevas del Drac. In spite of everything, except for some comments in Spanish, the predominant language in this production is English.

“The funny thing is that the Germans think it is a German island and the British think it is a British island. This island has two very separate halves and also has very varied cultural aspects. We have them all, from British gangsters who frequent spas for Germans, to places as varied as the picturesque train in Sóller, and wrapping up in dark murky drug affairs in Palma”, says Dan Sefton, creator of the series written by Rachael New, Sarah-Lou Hawkins, Dan Muirden and Alex McBride, who express culture shock with what goings-on in the Balearic archipelago.

Miranda (ELEN RHYS).

Easygoing tone

Over six million English people devoured the ten episodes in season one broadcast by the BBC. Although ‘The Mallorca Files’ is not one of the slow burn, slick cops of the British sort, it has other virtues that make it the ideal easygoing summer show: a couple of attractive protagonists with an in crescendo sexual tension, several criminal puzzles to solve and beautiful summer landscapes. Of course, there are also clichés and images of Mallorca designed for a European audience that won’t impress locals, to say the least. “The tone is very clear. When we created the series, we said that there would be no sexual crimes or missing children, only good murders!”, says Sefton, whose humour isn’t lacking either.


‘The Mallorca Files’ is now in its second season, featuring actors Cristina Castaño and José Luis García Pérez, and despite recording being interrupted by the pandemic, six of the ten scheduled episodes aired this year in the UK. Taking advantage of the excellent reception of the series and the gradual return of tourists, the Mallorca Film Commission has published a map, in Spanish and English, with all the locations where Miranda Blake and Max Winter have visited. Word on the grapevine is they’ve already set their sights on a third installment.

Helena Cortés
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