Here’s our watchlist of the brightest and best series premieres coming to a platform near you in June.

Physical (Apple TV)

The giant returns to the fray with a black comedy to premiere this coming June 18th featuring actress Rose Byrne ready for action. The almost newcomer Annie Weisman tells us the story of a woman, Sheila, who, alone at home, battles with demons that affect her self-perception and her own physical image. However, it’s in aerobics where she finds the panacea for her problems.

Home Before Dark (Apple TV)  

A few days before, on the 11th, Apple will also release the second batch of episodes of “Home Before Dark”, tasked with resolving the doubts left in the air at the end of season one. According to the preview, on this new occasion we will follow the investigations of young Hilde Lisko in order to get to the bottom of a kidnapping.

Lisey’s Story (Apple TV)

“Lisey’s Story” is another highlight from Apple TV to kick-off the summer, aspiring to conquer television and vehemently break through the diluted audiovisual ecosystem. Filmmaker Pablo Larraín adapts this Stephen King novel surrounding himself with a star-studded cast, including Julianne Moore, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Clive Owen, among others. Moore plays Lisey, a woman who lost her husband (Clive Owen), but a series of disturbing events will prompt her to relive episodes from her marriage that had been deliberately erased. Available June 4th.

Paraíso (Movistar +)

Movistar makes its first foray into the fantasy genre with this original series scheduled for release on the platform on June 4. A production in which suspense and adventure go hand in hand with emotion and mystery, and where its young protagonists have enough charisma to become a new phenomenon within Spain’s audiovisual industry. In collaboration with The Mediapro Studio, the director of the Baztán trilogy, Fernando González Molina and his team, have surrounded themselves with a well-designed setting to conceive a series for the whole family that delves into the past to narrate the present.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay (Movistar +)

To our delight, the new series from Australian comedian Josh Thomas will also arrive on Movistar + on June 11th, allowing us to become participants in the story of Nicholas, a 25-year-old neurotic young man who is left to take care of his two stepsisters as his father slowly passes away from a terminal illness. As such, Nicholas will have to demonstrate his maturity to his close associates. The series originally ran on the pay-per-view Freeform channel to excellent reviews.

Lupin (Netflix)

If everything goes to plan, on the 11th we’ll be enjoy the return of our elusive thief Assane Diop, after the first five episodes resonated with force among international critics and the general public. Everything points to the fact that these subsequent chapters will deal with delivering faithful continuity to the previous ones, since they were all recorded at the same time in Paris and scheduled to tie up all those loose ends Assane left, ensuring that audiences are kept on the edge of their seats.

Elite (Netflix)

Netflix also raises the temperature with the announcement and trailer for the fourth season of the famous series “Elite”, ahead of its upcoming premiere on the 18th. The time has come for us to meet the new students at Las Encinas school, center stage for the show and where all the stories associated with this group of teenagers pan out, a setting given to sexy, torrid and, from time-to-time, shocking entertainment.

Why Women Kill (HBO)

On the fourth day of the month, HBO will include the second season of the recent production from Marc Cherry, creator of “Desperate Housewives” and “Devious Maids”. “Why Women Kill”, an original series from CBS, focuses on three women who live in three different decades, the 60s, 80s and 2019, where each one is forced to deal with the infidelities of their husbands.

Maricón Perdido (TNT)

TNT brings us one of the year’s most interesting series, an autobiography in the key of a dramatic comedy from writer Bob Pop, a project in which he himself takes the lead as creator. The episodes will be based on the series of events that marked his life, that of a small-town boy in search of his own identity. Cast members include names like Carlos González, Gabriel Sánchez, Candela Peña and Carlos Bardem, among others. “Maricón Perdido” is an original TNT production in association with El Terrat and will premiere on the 18th.

Loki (Disney+)

Finally, we’ll all be able to enjoy one of the most coveted series from the tireless crew at Marvel Cinematic Universe on June 9th. Tom Hiddleston resumes the role of the Norse god after stealing the Tesseract and traveling back in time in the movie “Avengers: Endgame.” This show is expected to be one of the pieces to most magnify the multiverse, a macro space for developing interconnected narratives, each one more visually spectacular than the next.

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