This past 18th April, Comedy Central returned to its origins with the premiere of  ‘Comedy Central Presents’. The new program produced by El Terrat (The Mediapro Studio), once again places some of the best comedians in the country at the center of the comedy universe (that being the aforementioned channel) to submit themselves yet again to take the toughest test out there: strutting your stuff in front of a live audience.

After the historical period of confinement, the impossibility of meeting in large groups and organizing large events, there could have been no better news for Anabel Alonso, Dani Mateo, Ángel Martín, Valeria Ros, J.J. Vaquero, Rober Bodegas, Patricia Sornosa and Ignatius Farray than a return to the stage, back to their natural habitats, on the spot and to feel an audience’s applause. Each episode features one of the comedians with fresh, unpublished monologue material to convey their particular vision of the world with that personal touch that has made each of them unique.  

As such, this commitment to nostalgia by ‘Comedy Central Presents’ to return to the origins couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s no coincidence that Netflix has recently begun streaming monologues such as that of Dani Rovira. The truth is that audiences are yearning to recoup some semblance of the normality we all parked up last year. A taste of those bygone days when things were better. Of the beginnings that are ever-present. But above all, what we need now, more than ever before, is a good laugh.

Veteran comedians, only like it was their first time

And if what we needed was to laugh, then they couldn’t have picked a better bunch of comedians for the job than Anabel Alonso, Dani Mateo, Ángel Martín, Valeria Ros, J.J. Vaquero, Rober Bodegas, Patricia Sornosa and Ignatius Farray, always a surefire way to have the public rolling around in their seats with laughter with wit.

Dani Mateo in ‘Comedy Central Presents’.

We see them regularly on TV shows, social media, in the series they feature in and even in the movies they release. But even if after all this, there are still some unbelievers out there as to their talents, if someone still believes they’re invading imposters, then a bout of stand-up is always the best litmus test. Staring directly into the eyes of their audience, reading their reactions right there on the spot. Without screens in between, beyond the numbers, the true “unplugged and unfiltered” litmus test.

As with many famous Hollywood names, their souls cry out for a return to Broadway, to the theater, back to the boards in search of that longing for the warmth only live audiences can provide. They need to break free from the commercial circuit, take a cold dip in reality to put them in their place, to applaud or silence them. Likewise, our comedians are returning to the bar counter where it all began for them.

A staging as serial as it is intimate

And Comedy Central Presents have literally done that, they’ve recovered the bar counter, casting aside big stages and theaters. Now that big public events are still a no-no, and we’re all starting back from scratch, comedians have the upper hand. Let’s face it, they’ve always functioned better in the privacy of a tavern where the volume of chatter only dissipates if their routines, their monologue are truly worth it.

Rober Bodegas in ‘Comedy Central Presents’.

As such, the staging of the new program will have you expecting The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to appear at any moment, grab the mic and order a beer from the mythical Sam Malone of Cheers. And Seinfeld might even show up to bid farewell to the perfect evening.

Because every monologue leaves you with that taste in your mouth: that of having enjoyed a perfect evening from the comfort of your home, like in the past and the ones we miss so much. This is what it means to go back to the origins of comedy.

Paula Hergar
Paula Hergar is a 360 journalist as Paquita Salas would say, writes about TV in Vertele and presents, writes, and directs Zapping on LOS40. In addition to collaborating in cultural programs in La 2 and being the author of the book ‘Around the world in 80 series’.