“We don’t want to continue doing the same thing. You can’t keep June in this place where they torture her endlessly. It’s boring”, Elisabeth Moss herself anticipated the changes to the fourth season of “The Handmaid’s Tale” and it looks like she was on the money.

It is one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the year, since the pandemic delayed this new batch of episodes, but thankfully, it’s been well worth the wait. Nothing will be the same for June, nor for fans of the show, almost the only thing the show has kept (and thank God for small mercies) is the impeccable workmanship that defines it.

This April 29, the dystopian series set in Gilead returns to HBO in style (with three opening episodes and one episode arriving each week thereafter).

(Strap yourselves in – hairpin bends…with SPOILERS!)

The one major outstanding score…settled

Since Hulu released “The Handmaid’s Tale” in April 2017, the series became an instant classic, transformed into one of most highly valued dramas that don’t need years to go by before entering the realms of  the sacred.

The quality of the direction, the performances of absolutely the entire cast, that unique and distinctive cinematography recognizable by anyone, the quasi-pictorial staging and the message that came along at the ripest moment in history, all of which contributed to shaping an indisputable cult classic.

However, when it surpassed Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name on which it is based, some criticized that the story was becoming repetitive and, above all, that June had become untouchable.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.

At a time when audiences are always primed to bid farewell to any character, this series had depicted the most horrifying torture and the most terrifying punishments levelled at all our protagonists… all except June, that is.

A decision that challenged the veracity of the story and that, finally, show creators  have resolved in this new season that confirms that June too is made of flesh and blood. So much so that death stalks her, breathing down her neck throughout.

The antihero we were all looking for

On top of the fact that we feel she’s in danger once again, another ingredient that allow us to empathize with the June of saintliness once again is her stepping over that big red line between good and evil. She finally steps into the role of antihero we all been waiting for.

June finally realizes she must fight to achieve her goal, and she does so with everything within her grasp, materially and psychologically. We had all bestowed approval on her to do whatever it takes for a daughter, to save women and even a country. But she hadn’t taken up the gauntlet until now.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.

Just as Walter White, Tony Soprano or Dexter must all have realized one fine day, finally the “Maid” par excellence has championed the motto “there’s no revolution without blood” and she no longer cares about the consequences. You see, and like I said before, when death lurks in your doorway, you don’t have much left to lose. And when it’s the protagonist of this series who has nothing left to  lose… we all win. Blessed be this fourth season!

Paula Hergar
Paula Hergar is a 360 journalist as Paquita Salas would say, writes about TV in Vertele and presents, writes, and directs Zapping on LOS40. In addition to collaborating in cultural programs in La 2 and being the author of the book ‘Around the world in 80 series’.