We’ll be looking at the biggest releases coming to platforms during the year’s most florid month.

1. Star Wars: The Bad batch (Disney+)

The inexhaustible universe of George Lucas grows bigger with this new spin-off. The man himself was involved with screenwriting on this latest animation installment in the Star Wars saga, which will be available on Disney+ on the 4th. The story picks up shortly after the Clone Wars, moment in which a “bad batch” of them make their way through an ever-changing galaxy.    

2. Love, Death and Robots (Netflix)

The long-awaited second season of this superb series that is designed to expand the medium of contemporary trends in gaming especially video animation, to television. Available on Netflix May 14th, through 8 independent episodes set to feature naked giants, crazed robots, and yuletide demons. Showrunner Tim Miller spearheads the project, supported by the A-team of directors, including Jennifer Yuh, Meat Dept, and David Nicolas, among others.

3. Pose (HBO)

Season three of one of the most iconic series in the career of screenwriter and director Ryan Murphy premieres on HBO this month, with episode one airing from May 3rd. US critical and public acclaim praised the previous season, and all eyes are on whether the show can continue delivering on the offer it promises; passionate about fashion, vindication of the LGTBI collective and above all, oodles of emotion and humanity in the treatment of the characters.  

4. The Underground Railroad (Prime Video)

After presenting the Oscar-winning “Moonlight” and “The Blues of Beale Street”, filmmaker Barry Jenkins is back on Amazon Prime with his series “The Underground Railroad”, adaptation from the novel of the same name which carries the torch in its ongoing and unique line of denouncing racial prejudice. On this occasion, the director takes us to a cotton plantation in Georgia, where we will follow the adventures of the young slave, Cora, who’s soul burns for escape from that oppressive existence. The series will be available on Amazon on the 14th, with cast members featuring the likes of Joel Edgerton, among others.    

5. Reyes de la Noche (Movistar Series)

On the same day, Movistar+ punch back with the new and eagerly awaited comedy from Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor, where they will sneak us inside the corridors of sports journalism through the as our on-screen celebrity Paco el Cóndor, suddenly finds himself embroiled against fresh-faced competition that threatens his dominium. “Reyes de la noche” features a luxury cast, led by Javier Gutiérrez and with Alberto San Juan, Miki Esparbé and Sonia Almarcha in a supporting role.  

6. Run the World (Starz)

Starz’s flamboyant and luxury racehorse running in the race aims high this May, with a new drama comedy scheduled to hit our television screens, introducing us to the passionate world of three black Harlem’s women in their thirties. The eight episodes confirmed to date are set to narrate the ups and downs, heartbreaks, and joys each of these three women vying for world domination experience. Available May 16th.   

7. Parot (Prime Video)

Spanish drama seems to have found its niche among the thriller genre, still reeling from the resounding success of “Antidisturbios”. Series creator Pilar Nadal, who was involved in the direction of “Águila Roja”, is in charge of this new project we’ll all be able to savor towards months-end, specifically the 28th. The plot revolves around the murder of several ex-convicts, after their release. Actress Adriana Ugarte assumes the reins of the cast.   

8. Jupiter’s Legacy (Netflix)

Netflix’s nod to Disney+ as it expands its superhero catalog with “Jupiter’s Legacy”, the story of humanity’s first protectors, who received their powers in the 1930s, and their children, entrusted to follow their legacy. However, tensions erupt when the younger generation, eager to prove their worth, don’t quite measure up to the challenges they face. Available on Netflix, May 7th.

Arnau Martín Camarasa. Student of Audiovisual Communication at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. My high-school major was in the Arts at Sant Adrià del Besòs. My main goal is to become a critic, analyst or teacher specializing in film and television series. I have more specific objectives that would help me including attending film festivals, being part of the jury and contacting specialized critics to gradually learn to master the art.