At InsideMedia, we’ve reviewed eight shows coming to platforms in April that you might want to add to your watchlists.

1. The Serpent (Netflix)

On the second day of April, the platform releases all eight episodes of “The Serpent” to offer viewers a marathon weekend with this latest series and sibling of “Narcos” in the real-life case of murderer, thief and fraudster Charles Sobhraj, unearthed and followed by a diplomat at the Dutch embassy in southeast Asia in the mid 70’s. The series is brought to us by the BBC and directed by Belgium’s Hans Herbots and the British director Tom Shankland. Having received almost all positive widespread critical acclaim, this promises to deliver a delicious helping of action and intrigue.

2. Big Shot (Disney +)

Disney + has scheduled the release of “Big Shot” for April 16, a new sporting and dramedy-inspired piece that follows the adventures of a temperamental men’s basketball coach who is forced to take a job at a girls’ high school, but will soon realize that female players are in need of empathy that he’s perfectly qualified to give them. Starring actor John Stamos.

3. Welcome to Utmark (HBO)

On the 18th, HBO will be adding a new Scandinavian show to their catalog, “Welcome to Utmark”, a tale peppered with black comedy that will take us deep inside the remote and isolated town of Utmark, where an optimistic teacher arrives to discover that hardly anyone behaves in a mature way. Icelandic filmmaker Dagur Kári, director of the acclaimed film “Virgin Mountain”, helms the project and has directed the episodes.

4. Mare of Easttown (HBO)

Kate Winslet is back on the small screen with this new HBO crime drama, “Mare of Easttown,” which will be released on the 19th. The plot revolves around a detective from a small town in Pennsylvania who tries to solve a local murder case, while struggling with all her might to keep her own life from falling apart. On this occasion, our star works under the orders of Craig Zobel, director of other bold projects, including “Compliance” and “The Hunt”.

5. Shadow & Bone (Netflix)

On day 23, Netflix will bolster its fantasy section with “Shadow & Bone“, a serial adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s novels that will introduce us to the world of a low-ranking soldier who realizes that he possesses extraordinary power and could be the key to freeing his people. Along the way, however, he will come across a host of obstacles that can only be overcome using his magic. The cast includes Ben Barnes, who played Prince Caspian years ago in the “Chronicles of Narnia” movies.

6. The Handmaid’s Tale (HBO)

After almost two years, the faithful followers of the dark and cruel dystopia “The Handmaid’s Tale” will see their wait compensated with the arrival of the Season four of the Bruce Miller show, which transcribes the work of the prolific Canadian writer Margaret Atwood in serialized format. The first episode of this new batch will be available on April 29.

7. The Mosquito Coast (Apple TV+)

It’s looking like the end of the month is going to be an intense one with the arrival of “The Mosquito Coast” on the 30th on Apple TV+, a new miniseries focused on a self-taught man who, worn out by the vicissitudes of civilization, moves to an indigenous population in Nicaragua to live with his family and build a new utopian society from scratch. The plot is based on a novel that already had its premiere in theaters in 1986 by Australian Peter Weir, and in this television version, Justin Theroux (“The Leftovers”, HBO) will be playing the role once awarded to Harrison Ford.

8. The Innocent (Netflix)

In parallel to “The Mosquito Coast”, Netflix will wrap up April with the Spanish production “The Innocent”, Oriol Paulo’s latest series, featuring Best Actor Goya award-winner Mario Casas, who will be joined in the cast by Aura Garrido, José Coronado and Juana Acosta. This thriller tells the tale of Mateo, an ex-convict who, along with his pregnant wife, is trying to rebuild his life, until he receives a phone call that will change everything.

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