Here’s our watchlist of the latest series available on streaming platforms in March.  

1. Dealer (Netflix)

Beyond the brief synopsis and trailer, we know little else about this new French series. It revolves around two filmmakers infiltrating an area ruled by gangs to shoot a music video for one of the gang members who has their sights set on becoming a rapper. The series will be available on Netflix on March 10th, and arrives hot on the heels of two other critically acclaimed French titles; “Lupin”(Netflix) and “L’Effondrement” (Filmin). According to the platform, the series is shot in a gritty found-footage format similar to that of many contemporary horror films including “The Blair Witch Project” and “Cloverfield”.

2. Generation (HBO)

March 11th will see the arrival of HBO’s answer to the Netflix show “Sex Education”with the first episode of “Generation”,where we’ll walk in the shoes of a group of high school students as they question several deeply ingrained beliefs around sexuality and family, within a conservative environment.

3. The Flash (TNT)

Barry Allen is back on TNT on the 19th  thanks to creators Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns as they bring us season seven of their own particular show. Production on the series based on the DC comic character had to face multiple ups and downs due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the showrunners decided to firstly concentrate on delivering the finale to season six, before continuing with the adventures of this superhero. 

4. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Disney+)

The folks at Marvel are swift to counter with their own superhero show, and just hours after the previous title, another long-awaited series from “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” saga will be released by Disney+, in what claims will deliver worthy continuity to the Captain America storyline from the Avengers series. The trailer has taken YouTube by storm and the networks promise an action-packed series with plenty of humor in equal measure.

“Sky Rojo”.

5. Sky Rojo (Netflix)

March 19th will be key in series premieres, as the latest work from Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato will also see the light on Netflix. Pina and Lobato are back as series creators after their success with previous titles including Locked Up (Antena 3)and “The Pier(Movistar+). On this occasion they’ve have chosen to build a story around three prostitutes, who are forced to flee from the police, hitmen and their pimp after seriously injuring him.

6. Libertad (Movistar +)

Filmmaker Enrique Urbizu continues his successful TV run with “Libertad”, after presenting “Giants” (Movistar+). This western set in the 19th century narrates the story of Lucía, a notorious bandit’s daughter who is released from prison after 17 years. Nicknamed ‘The Plainswoman’, Lucía has miraculously dodged the hangman’s rope, or in this case, garrote, after receiving a last-minute pardon. Together with son, born in custody, they fight to live in the freedom they have been so long denied, fleeing the Governor’s justice. Singer and actress Bebe leads the cast, and Urbizu is also working on a big screen version of the show to be released in theaters which will complement this serialized drama. Premieres March 26th.


7. La Templanza (Prime Video)

On the same day, Amazon Prime Video premier a new Spanish series, “La Templanza”, a period drama brought to the small screen by Guillem Morales, Alberto Ruiz and Patricia Font, with screenwriters Susana López Rubio and Javier Holgado, in this adaptation of the María Dueñas novel. Plenty of romance and adventure in the storyline as we follow the fate of a couple at the end of the 19th century whose destinies converge as they travel through the rambunctious Mexican mining communities, and against the backdrop of the exclusive London society of the day, to the wineries of Jerez. In short, a story with epic overtones that narrates a tale of overcoming adversity and finding our place in the world.   

8. City on a Hill (Movistar+)

Movistar+ will wrap up this month’s newbies with the second season of thriller “City on a Hill”,distributed by the North American Showtime network and which immerses us headlong into Boston’s criminal justice system of the early 90’s. The series revolves around a corrupt, yet revered FBI agent, played by Kevin Bacon, and the newly appointed African American district attorney, played by Aldis Hodge. Season two focuses on a real estate development in the perilous and incensed Roxbury neighborhood.

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