Every Friday, Movistar+ premieres a new episode of this blockbuster based on the novel of the same name by Julia Navarro.

Amelia Garayoa, a young woman from a wealthy family with a simple and predictable life, was not willing to settle for the role of mother and wife reserved for most women in the 1930’s. As such, her world transforms completely when she meets Pierre, a young communist whose passion for political struggle she finds infectious and that will take her through some of the most significant and convulsive events of the early 20th century, including the Spanish Civil War, World War II and Stalinist Russia. This is the journey proposed by “Tell Me Who I Am”, the ambitious Movistar+ production that brings the thousand-page novel by Julia Navarro to the small screen. Every Friday, the platform offers a new episode in the life of a rebel as free and idealistic as she is contradictory.

Irene Escolar and Oriol Pla. “Tell Me Who I Am”.

The author has always confessed that she only ever imagined one actress playing the role of Amelia: Irene Escolar. And she is the absolute protagonist of each of the nine episodes written by Piti Español and directed by Eduard Cortés. “I thought this was going to be the typical project that Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley could end up doing. That’s why I have to thank Julia for trusting me to embark upon this parallel life ”, admitted the sensitive and brilliant young interpreter who poured over the scripts for hours on end, as if she were delivering a great play to be ready for filming in a non-chronological order. Oriol Pla, Will Keen, Pablo Derqui, Pierre Kiwitt, Maria Pia Calzone and Stefan Weinert, among many others, accompany Irene on her journey.

In total, more than 300 actors of different nationalities and 3,500 extras participated in the series produced by DLO, which was filmed at more than 300 different locations in Hungary and Spain. An ambitious project that, luckily, the producers completed just before the arrival of the coronavirus crisis. it would be hard to imagine a production of this size today. But “Tell Me Who I Am” squeezes every last drop from the humongous effort and manages to deliver a wonderful visual composition, with the outstanding musical talents of Lucas Vidal.

Irene Escolar. “Tell Me Who I Am”.

Yet another feature that provides the series with even greater realism and demonstrates that the Spanish television industry is also targeting an international audience is the melting pot of languages they speak: English, German, Russian, Polish, Italian and Greek, as well as Spanish. In fact, “Tell Me Who I Am” has already guaranteed its landing in the United States through Telemundo International Studios. It will also arrive in Latin America thanks to HBO and has even been issued with a passport to Norway, Denmark and Finland already.

If until recently Spanish fiction fled from politics, “Tell Me Who I Am” emphasizes the totalitarianisms that caused millions of deaths and displaced people just three generations ago. “Today’s younger generations have been born into times of freedom and they’re going to appreciate what it meant to live at a time in which two major ideologies curtailed freedom”, Navarro points out, convinced, like the director, that this audience can connect with a historical series if related in the right way. The author has also made a promise to all those who already imagined what the adventures of Amelia Garayoa would be like: the series will not disappoint.

Helena Cortés. Journalist (by profession) and audiovisual communicator, is the girl on TV on ABC and ABC Play. I was analyzing series and programs in ‘Non Stop People’ (Movistar +) and Cope and now you can listen in to it on ‘Las cinco letras’ of the ‘El enfoque’ program on Onda Madrid. Learning and lecturing on Journalism at Universidad Carlos III.