While the film and television industry has been hit hard by the inclemency of COVID-19, some platforms continue to rise above the rest in what is becoming an increasingly diluted, unpredictable and divergent scenario.

On 4th September, Netflix presents “Away”, a romantic space adventure, come showcase for the show’s star, Hilary Swank. Created by Jessica Goldberg and Andrew Hinderaker, the series narrates an international crew of astronauts’ three-year mission to Mars, putting stretching family ties to the point of snapping. Renowned director Edward Zwick was responsible for several episodes.

After several weeks of silence, Amazon Prime Video bounces back the same day with the second season of “The Boys”, hailed by many as one of the most in-depth analyzes of the ‘superhero’ in contemporary culture.

“The Boys”

Developed by Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen and Erik Kripke, the series is based on the comic of the same name which illustrates a reality not a far cry from our very own. Only here, the superheroes personify the darker underbelly of fame, and based on that maxim, satirize many of today’s capitalist society’s trends and fuel the storylines of this action comedy.

However, Netflix intends to score the winning touchdown with the launch of two additional products this month. Firstly, the premiere of “The Idhún’s Memories” on 10th September, an animated adventure series for kids from Spanish screenwriter Maite Ruiz de Austri. Then, on the 18th, the eagerly awaited latest installment from the unflagging Ryan Murphy will be available, this time working alongside Evan Romansky. The showrunners present “Ratched”, a miniseries with an aftertaste of the “American Horror Story” anthology and which explains the origins of one of the world’s most iconic nurses in a mental institution where she lays the grounds for her short fuse and monstrous treatment of her patients. If the trailer is anything to go by, the creator remains faithful to that organic and multicolored mise-en-scéne.

HBO kicks off the month with two spearheading proposals. The first will be available from its HBO Max streaming service and the second on the platform itself. The long-awaited “Raised by Wolves” arrives on the 3rd, a new science fiction drama produced by Ridley Scott, who was also in charge of directing several episodes. One of the main attractions of this new show is the return to TV of actor Travis Fimmel, who played the infamous Ragnar Lodbrok in “Vikings” (Michael Hirst, 2013-2020), and which according to more than one little birdie, is scheduled to reach its finale this year. On this occasion, the Australian actor adopts a secondary role in a tale of the thorny relationship between androids and humans set on a distant planet.

“Rised by Wolves”

And finally, the second newbie is one of the most highly anticipated installments of the year, the serial adaptation of San Sebastian writer Fernando Aramburu’s award-winning novel “Patria”. Originally scheduled for release in May, the coronavirus pandemic threw a spanner in the works and the premiere was delayed until the end of September. The miniseries by Aitor Gabilondo deals with the Basque conflict and ETA over a thirty-year period and is expected to receive a triumphant reception after its presentation at the San Sebastian International Film Festival where it is scheduled for a special screening prior to premiering on HBO Spain this coming September 27th.

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