A dark and dreary month awaits us

The group of filmmakers consisting of Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Leticia Dolera, Paula Ortiz, Elena Martín and Carlos Marqués-Marcet are to captain platform initiatives this month with a collaborative project. On day 3, HBO will host “At Home”, a five-part miniseries of shorts combining several filmmaking genres, from domestic drama to romantic comedy, all of which have one common thread: they are all the result of sheltering-in-place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At Home”

In addition to this initiative, HBO will also host three new original miniseries set to a backdrop of drama going hand-in-hand with crime. Three pieces, interestingly enough, which are all set in three different periods. On the 6th, “I May Destroy You” will be available, created and directed by London-based screenwriter Michaela Coel, the series explores the journey of self-discovery of a young Arabella after she has been sexually assaulted in a nightclub.

“The Luminaries”, another original production from the UK, takes us back to 19th century, to the gold rush period to be more precise. The series follows the fate of the young Anna Wetherell, who longs to leave British lands behind and head west to the coast of New Zealand. Along the way she encounters a series of adventures and hostility that will forever leave their mark on her. Meanwhile, creators Ron Fitzgerald and Rolin Jones bring us an updated version of the 1950’s mythical series “Perry Mason”, one of the all-time crime-drama classics of American television, now set in Los Angeles in 1932, where attorney Perry Mason faces the most complicated case of his career. Both titles will be available for us to enjoy at the end of the month.

The crew at Netflix offers us a rare proposal from Poland, the second part of “The Politician” and the long-awaited new season of one of its flagship shows, “13 Reasons Why”. The fourth installment of the Brian Yorkey series will continue where it left off in the story of teenager Clay Jensen and the school community to which he belongs, in what is set to be the final batch of episodes to wrap up the saga once and for all.

“13 Reasons why”

On the 19th, we’ll have the tireless Ryan Murphy ready to offer us the continuation of “The Politician”, a political satire that featured the great Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Lange in its first installment, among others. Finally, get ready for “The Woods”, a miniseries created by directors Leszek Dawid and Bartosz Konopka, and prime yourself to become immersed in a truly dark thriller and one which swells Netflix’s European offer. The narrative revolves around a prosecutor who, upon the discovery of a corpse, reignites the hope of finding his sister, who disappeared 25 years before.

After a bit of a dry spell, Amazon Prime Video are back on June 5th with the indie series, “El Presidente”, co-created by Chilean Pablo Larraín together with Armando Bo. The miniseries tackles sports stereotypes to explore a case of corruption featuring the head of a modest football club.

Orange TV also has its fair share of interesting novelties this June. The platform hosts the exclusive release in Spain of “The Head”, an international series from The Mediapro Studio in association with Hulu Japan and HBO Asia, directed by Jorge Dorado, and with screenwriters Àlex and David Pastor, along with Isaac Sastre. This six-part survival thriller set in a polar station in Antarctica, is the setting for a suspenseful plot that unravels over the long, dark Antarctic months as our cast braves the sub-zero temperatures, blustering winds and vast expanses of ice they call home. The series will be released worldwide on June 12th in 30 countries.

A few days later, on June 25th, Orange TV will premiere “Kosta (The Paradise)”, also produced by The Mediapro Studio together with Finnish public TV network YLE and also Finnish producer MRP. This Nordic noir drama revolves around a series of crimes that take place within the largest community of Finnish residents beyond their borders, located in southern Spain. In charge of the case are two police officers; Detective Andrés Villanueva (Fran Perea), a man shouldering the heavy burden of a painful loss and who has close ties to the Finnish community, and Inspector Hilkka Mäntymäki (Riitta Havukainen), one of Oulu city’s top detectives on the verge of retiring and with her own complicated family situation.

“The 100”

Other notable releases this month are the seventh and final season of the famous science fiction series “The 100”, from Syfy, and “The Great”, on Starzplay, a historical piece featuring Elle Fanning in the role of Russian Empress, Catherine the Great.

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