This May, Netflix kick off the month with “Hollywood”, the latest work from the tireless Ryan Murphy, a miniseries co-created with Ian Brennan and Janet Mock that’ll transport us back in time to the United States of the 1940’s. The story revolves around a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers, apparently in a multi-narrative style to combine each characters’ perspective on the situation of the film industry, as it was back then. On this occasion, Murphy, who has a penchant for washing the dirty laundry of celebrities and behaviors of the past in public, presents us with the revelation of racial, gender and sexual injustices of old, which unfortunately seem to be as relevant today in the industry as they were back then.

On May 8th, Netflix premieres “The Eddy”, the latest series from Damien Chazelle and Jack Thorne in this Franco-British production. The director of “La La Land” is responsible for at least two episodes in this eight-part tale set in contemporary Paris. According to Deborah Young, columnist for The Hollywood Reporter, the series will have both jazz fans and non-jazz fans alike coming away with good vibes and basic ideas of how a jazz tune is put together.

At the end of the month, Netflix will also release its newest original series, “Space Force”, a military comedy from screenwriter Greg Daniels and actor Steve Carell. This is not the first time the two have worked together, given that Daniels was showrunner with Carell playing the lead role in the paradigmatic series “The Office”.

“The Undeniable Truth”

HBO brings us two highly attractive proposals. The first, “Betty”, available from 2nd May comes from the hand of filmmaker Crystal Moselle, in a spin-off of the movie “Skate Kitchen” with the same characters appearing here; a group of teenage girls trying to break into the world of skateboarding. The feature film was released in 2018 to widespread critical acclaim and the hope is that the miniseries can reach similar levels of popularity as that of the critically acclaimed “Girls”.

On the 11th, HBO will host the latest installment from director Derek Cianfrance, “The Undeniable Truth”, a harsh and heart-wrenching chronicle of the relationship between two brothers with Mark Ruffalo leading the cast. This will be the eminent actor’s debut appearance in an HBO TV drama, having demonstrated his acting talents in roles of a similar nature on more than one occasion in the past.

So, what’s do the folk at Amazon Prime have in store for us in May? Well, another new series by Greg Daniels, “Upload,” where this time, sci-fi genre goes hand-in-hand with the showrunners penchant for comedy, not without a fair share of makeup though. Daniels introduces us to a futuristic tale where people who are close to death can opt for a virtual life, in what appears to be a more cheerful reverse-angle on the anthological series “Black Mirror”.

“Homecoming” (2nd season)

In association with Mediaset Spain and Telecinco, Amazon will broadcast “Madres”, a series that explores the most critical moments of motherhood: having to deal with children’s illness. Directors Mar Olid, Roser Aguilar, Juana Macías and Abigail Schaaff are responsible for bringing this project to the screen, featuring the almost mandatory presence of Belén Rueda and Aida Folch.

Finally, Amazon also brings us the second season of “Homecoming”, in a month that’s jam-packed with original content. Actress Janelle Monáe replaces Julia Roberts in the leading role of this story, whose only connection with the first instalment apparently is that of the theme. Showrunner Sam Esmail, who directed several episodes of the first season, has also cut ties with the project.

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