rtve.es/mdt premieres “Antes de que no haya tiempo” (Before Time Runs Out) on April 20th, the transmedia prequel to the series produced in association with Globomedia





…How long has it been man…


November first, 2017…

With these plain (but not simple) lines of dialogue between Pacino and Alonso, Javier Olivares and his crew begin candidly playing with metafiction right from the get-go in episode one when it comes to defining the return of one of the most critically and publicly acclaimed series in  recent years. 27 months have passed since the last episode aired, 27 months have gone by both for the series and for the characters, not to mention the fans. Restarting at “El Ministerio del Tiempo” (The Ministry of Time) does not mean starting from scratch. And this is perhaps the most difficult mission of all …

New missions, old acquaintances

“Why make a period series, when you can make a series about every period?”, was just one of the thoughts Pablo Olivares uttered to his brother Javier during the incubation of the project, now over 15 years ago. A Fantastic idea that may well become a double-edged sword since, if there’s one thing expected of “El Ministerio del Tiempo”, it’s that it must constantly replenish its ability to wow audiences beyond the realms of its missions through Spain’s history.

So, with that in mind season four brings back one of the show’s original characters. Julián, played by Rodolfo Sancho who, in the words of Javier Olivares himself, is currently displaying “remarkable” acting maturity. But if we’re discussing the return of Julián, we cannot forget the reappearance of Amelia Folch, one of the first female students at the University of Barcelona in the 19th  century, played here by Aura Garrido. Matchmaking is guaranteed! The institution will feature all our old favorites; Salvador (Jaime Blanch), Angustias (Francesca Piñón), Irene (Cayetana Guillén Cuervo), Ernesto (Juan Gea), Alonso (Nacho Fresneda), Pacino (Hugo Silva), Lola Mendieta (Macarena García ) and Velázquez (Julián Villagrán). One of the latest signings for the Ministry captained by the charismatic Salvador Martí this season is Manuela Vellés as Carolina.

But that’s not all, ‘Ministerians’ will also have a chance to catch up with some other well-known faces from previous seasons, including Federico García Lorca, played by Ángel Ruíz, Pep Mirás as Francisco Franco, and Alberto Díaz Bueno, one of the Spanish Government Institution’s arch-enemies, played by Catalan actor Francesc Orella.

Other historical figures featured this season include Pedro Almodóvar, (Carlos Santos), María Morales steps into the shoes of Clara Campoamor; Stéphanie Magnin as Dora Maar; Vicente Romero as Emilio Herrera, Rachel Lascar playing Mary Tudor, Edu Soto as Philip IV of Spain and Albert Einstein portrayed by Thomas Sauerteig.

A prequel featuring a guest of honor appearance of Benito Pérez Galdós

The one thing above all “The Ministry of Time” has achieved over the years it’s been on air is  the unprecedented community of fans that have grown up around the show in its home country of Spain. ‘Ministerians’, as they refer to themselves, have even gone as far as starting a campaign on social media about an episode that had never been broadcast using the hashtag #TiempodeChupitos (TimeForShots), which became a trending topic on Twitter for several hours. A board game, two Virtual Reality experiences, two comics, a webseries, two podcast series have all inspired a transmedia expansion with a life of its own, even fueling off-air drama and giving rise to spontaneous educational initiatives featuring characters from the show.

For this new season, “El Ministerio del Tiempo” presents “Antes de que no haya tiempo” (Before Time Runs Out), a prequel created in association with Globomedia to refresh viewers memories, while at the same time serving as a bridge between the third and fourth seasons with a series of surprising revelations.

This new adventure, directed by Carles Torrens, features the vast majority of the shows stars in addition to a special appearance by Manolo Cal, the legendary television actor, who steps into the shoes of Benito Pérez Galdós. No, it’s no coincidence that he has been invited to appear in this year of 2020.

“Antes de que no haya tiempo” airs this coming April 20th on the show’s official website. So, all that remains for us to do now is to wait for the definitive release date for the new adventures of “El Ministerio del Tiempo” and paraphrasing Jaime Blanch “I think we left the bar quite high, and now we’re back with a fourth season and we’re thinking, OK, what if we don’t meet expectations? Or, what if we can’t go one better? But, that’s all part of the game.”

Pablo Lara. Pablo Lara is a journalist and screenwriter. In 2018 he joined Globomedia’s digital team as a transmedia creator and screenwriter, participating in the projects including “I’m Alive”, “Locked Up”, “Malaka” and “The Ministry of Time”, in which he repeats as a screenwriter for the fourth season and creator of the prequel “Before Time Runs Out”.