These days of confinement can be an excuse to watch that series you didn’t pay much attention to when it came out, but which are wonderful. We’d like to recommend 10 jewels you can rescue.

1. Quarry (HBO, 8 episodes)

A soldier returns from the Vietnam War and tries to get his life back on track, making peace with everything he has done in this excellent series that combines a southern pace with abrupt outbreaks of violence. One of those series that slowly begins to consume you until, suddenly you realize that you’re just as trapped as its protagonist.

2. National Treasure (Filmin, 4 episodes)

A television celebrity is accused of raping a teenager in this impeccable British miniseries in which Robbie Coltrane, the mythical Fitz from “Cracker”, delivers one of his best interpretations thus far. Although the subject matter is topical, it went incomprehensibly unnoticed outside the UK.

3. Homecoming (Amazon, 10 episodes)

Sam Esmail was inspired by 70’s cinema in his directing of the first season (which works as a miniseries) of this meticulous thriller about a government center focused on the reintegration of soldiers returning from war zones. Disturbing and labyrinthine, a truly Rod Serling type brain teaser for gourmet pleasure-seekers among us.

4. Show Me A Hero (HBO, 6 episodes)

David Simon invites us to reflect on the socioeconomic distribution of modern cities through the true-life case of the Yonkers conflict and the story of the aspiring mayor who leveraged the issue for political gain. A fierce portrayal of individual and collective attitudes towards the mix of social classes.

5. Top Boy (Netflix, 18 episodes)

At the time it was called Britain’s answer to “The Wire”. And although it’s clear that the comparison is exaggerated, this doesn’t mean that this portrait of drug trafficking in the Hackney area of London is not the crudest and most realistic portrayal to date on the subject. Channel 4 cancelled it but several years later, Netflix came along and gave it a new lease of life.

6. Counterpart (HBO, 20 episodes)

This hybrid between the science fiction of “Fringe” and the espionage of “The Americans” talks about the decisions that define us and asks the viewer who they are, who they would have liked to be and who would want to be caught up in a bizarre and expertly-woven plot of conspiracies. Special shout out to a chameleonic cast led by J.K. Simmons.

7. The Paper (Netflix, 23 episodes)

A newspaper is about to be bought up by a major investor in this Croatian series that offers a realistic analysis of modern-day journalism, placing the business interests of the media and the journalist editorial ethics on opposing sides. One of the crudest and most essential series made to date about the profession.

8. Undone (Amazon, 9 episodes)

A mind-blowing introspective and eye-pleasing journey. What it entails inside; complex characters, deep emotions, reflections on the idea of normality, etc., is even more spectacular. One of the best animated series of recent times from the creator of “BoJack Horseman”.

9. Feud (HBO, 8 episodes)

Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange portray Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in this drama that uses their rivalry in the filming of “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?” to denounce how Hollywood marginalizes actresses, even when they are stars, once they reach a certain age. Probably the best we’ve seen from Ryan Murphy in years.

10. Inside No. 9 (Filmin, 31 episodes) This British anthology created by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shersmith has been surprising audiences for five seasons with its twisted tales and legions of dark humor that you never know where will take you. Sometimes they’ll have you laughing out loud, sometimes they’ll have you squirming and sometimes, both at the same time. Well worth giving this one a chance.

Toni de la Torre. Critic of television series. He works in El Món de Rac 1, El Tiempo, Qué hacemos, Ahora Crecimientos, Sàpiens and Web Crític. He has written several pounds on television series. Professor at the school to Showrunners BCN and likes to lecture on series. Highlights the Premi Bloc de Catalunya, 2014.