Undoubtedly the highlight this April is the eagerly awaited season four of “Money Heist” (Alex Pina, 2017-2020). Netflix will have the entire season available on April 3rd  for some healthy binging in a marathon session. Faithful followers of the show will finally have closure for the many questions left unanswered at the abrupt end of season three, and if the what the actors say is anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat.

Netflix will also give us the opportunity to enjoy the return of British comedy “After Life” (Ricky Gervais, 2019-2020), now in its second season. The creator, who was the chief writer on one of Britain’s most popular sitcom’s ever, “The Office” (Greg Daniels, 2005-2013), is back to brings us the story of Tony, a newspaper writer adopts a gruff new persona in an effort to push away those trying to help, according to the synopsis.

Amazon Prime Video will release the daring and original “Tales from the Loop” (Nathaniel Halpern, 2020), a science fiction series focused on a community living above a machine capable of deciphering the enigmas of the universe.

Apple, the other major multinational competitor in the streaming market, counterattacks with two intriguing proposals; “Home Before Dark” (Dana Fox, Dara Resnik, 2020) and “Defending Jacob” (Mark Bomback, 2020), with the latter featuring the legendary Chris Evans in the cast. So, as you can see, two crime series unceremoniously getting their foot in the door.

On the other hand, HBO are fielding some pretty heavy hitters with five very different genre series to cast the net wide and appeal to a broader spectrum of viewers. Season three of “Future Man” (Kyle Hunter, 2017-2020) is their first strike in early April. However, this straddling science fiction comedy wasn’t well-received by critics from the  outset. Next up we have “Run” (Natalie Bailey, Kate Dennis, 2020) in a romantic tale featuring Domhnall Gleeson, and “I Know This Much Is True” (Derek Cianfrance and Wally Lamb, 2020), which will be released at the end of the month, addresses the subject of schizophrenia with a more dynamic Mark Ruffalo than we’ve ever seen before. The laughs are assured with the second season of “What We Do In The Shadows” (Jemaine Clement, Paul Simms, 2019), a series whose premiere managed to subvert the vampiric genre and turn the modus vivendi of three vampires who they are roommates in New York into a comedy.

But it’s probably round three of “Killing Eve” that will truly rattle HBO viewers on their sofas. Actress-screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who surprised us all with the tongue-in-cheek and poignant “Fleabag” (2016-2018), is back to bring us the third part of this picturesque love-hate story between a researcher and a hired killer.

Here at home in Spain, Movistar + is establishing itself as a serious contender in the race, firstly with the new Mariano Barroso series, “La línea invisible” (2020). According to the information we have thus far, this is a sobering tale about Basque terrorist group ETA featuring Antonio de la Torre, and which is set to premiere practically in unison with that of “Patria” (Aitor Gabilondo, 2020, HBO).

Throughout April, Movistar will also release season four of “The Good Fight” (Michelle and Robert King, 2017-2020), the spin-off from the acclaimed “The Good Wife” (Michelle and Robert King, 2009-2016) , one of the best modern-day legal and political dramas out there. The company also have the monopoly on the premiere of another spin-off, “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels” (John Logan, 2020), a horror series with gothic overtones and a resolute expansion of its predecessor’s world.

Another of this month’s highlights is the arrival of “Vis a Vis: El Oasis” (Locked Up), which premieres on April 20th at 10:00 PM on FOX, available on Movistar +, Vodafone, Orange and Sky, among other platforms. This latest instalment in the Locked Up franchise, with a cast led by Najwa Nimri and Maggie Civantos, has been designed to give the main characters a well-earned seeing off, after fans of the series, AKA, the “Yellow Tide”, called for an outcome to their story.

Arnau Martín Camarasa.
Student of Audiovisual Communication at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
My high-school major was in the Arts at Sant Adrià del Besòs.
My main goal is to become a critic, analyst or teacher specializing in film and television series.
I have more specific objectives that would help me including attending film festivals, being part of the jury and contacting specialized critics to gradually learn to master the art.