Whether you’re one of those who adore Valentine’s Day, or you hate the whole thing, we’ve prepared a selection of series to watch this February 14.

Five for those who’ll be buying heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and five for those who, if they could, would be shooting arrows at Cupid in the back. So, don’t say we haven’t done our bit to make this Valentine’s Day special as you’re curled up in a blanket on the sofa… either in the company of a loved one or on your Todd.

5 for those who adore Saint Valentine’s

1. “High Fidelity”

The big news for this year Valentine’s Day is the series version of Stephen Frears’ hit movie (which in turn was adapted from the novel by Nick Hornby). Zoë Kravitz takes on the role played by John Cusack in the movie as quirky record store owner with a hectic love life. Guaranteed there’ll be plenty of debate about whether the series was necessary, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect romantic series for your date this Valentine’s Day.

High Fidelity

2. “Modern Love”

The aim of this John Carney (better-known for movies like “Once” and “Begin Again”) anthology is to explore different forms of love using highly romantic tales in picture-postcard settings. All based on stories about real people, so you can imagine how it might also  happen to you. Undoubtedly this’ll be Ted Mosby’s favorite show, not only because cast members include Cristin Milioti (among other familiar faces) but also because this is one of those series that truly and firmly believes in love.

Modern Love

3. “Pushing Daisies”

Honey-combed and squishy in industrial quantities with an “Amelie”-styled setting in this series about a pastry chef with the power to resurrect the dead who revives his best friend from childhood and lifelong love. The problem: if he touches her, she’ll die again. So, this gives us a pure, virginal and 100% romantic love story. Created by Bryan Fuller, the show was canceled prematurely, just like all those loves you can never forget.

Pushing Daisies

4. “Lovesick”

The star of this British series is diagnosed with chlamydia and makes a list of the girls with whom he has had sex to call them and explain that they should get tested just in case they’re also carriers. Despite the somewhat loutish opening, the protagonist is actually a hopeless romantic, and the series, a textbook romantic  comedy that plays on the not knowing which of his ex-girlfriends he’ll end up finding love with.


5. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

If your plan for Valentine’s Day is to try to win back your ex, then this musical comedy is the one for you. Our leading lady purely by chance, bumps into a guy who broke up with her 10 years earlier and she decides to abandon everything to follow him to a small town in the middle of nowhere believing they’ll eventually end up together. The series scoffs at the insanity of the girl, played by Rachel Bloom, who won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of this multifaceted character, who is actually as complicit in her obsessions as the audience itself.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

And now 5 for all those Valentine’s Day haters!

1. “You’re the Worst”

To begin with, these two do not want to be a couple. The stars of this British series are two self-centered individuals only looking for no-strings-attached sex and are unable to have a long-term relationship. Despite being entirely anti-romance, they end up together either way… What ensues is a toxic relationship and  perfect example of why love often stinks.

You’re the Worst

2. “State of the Union”

Just in case you were thinking it might be nice to have a partner, this series will remind you how horrible it is when that relationship that seemed to be going well, ends in a breakup. The protagonists of this series created by Nick Hornby pick up the pieces of their tale in conversations that take place in the moments just prior to each therapy session where they try to reconstruct what they had. 

State of Union

3. “Dates”

If you want to find a partner, you’re going to have to go on a few dates and this British series created by Bryan Elsley offers a raw view of the world of dating in modern times. With cellphones sitting on the table, the show narrates several interconnected encounters where the characters share common traits including an unwillingness to commit, being bare-faced liars and deeply self-centered individuals. This one will knock flirting on the head for a good long time.


4. “Match”

In the same line as the previous series, but in a much more humorous tone, this Norwegian show reminds us of the veritable odyssey involved in managing to connect with the person you like by recreating the hundreds and thousands of minute details required to function in order for the relationship to work. In doing so, the series draws a hilarious analogy between meeting your match and a game of football, including sports commentators  following each play closely and commenting on every own-goal the star scores.


5. “Him & Her”

The couple in this British series live in a disgusting apartment and spend the day in bed eating like pigs. They’re the product of a long-term relationship: when you get to know every intimate detail about your other half, any worthwhile romance goes out the window. Bodily functions and their soundtrack, tampons appearing out of nowhere, puss-filled spots… if this is what being in a relationship is about then you’re better off staying single  forever, right?

Toni de la Torre.
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