Apple TV, HBO and Netflix prepare three simultaneous premieres for February 7th: “Mythic Quest”, “Katy Keene” and “Locke and Key”, respectively. The first is a comic series created by showrunner Rob McElhenney, who in 2005 brought us the “It’s Always Sunny” sitcom in Philadelphia, still on air after ten seasons. Also in a comic vein, Katy Keene disembarks this month on HBO from the hand of the American network The CW. The premise is none other than a group of young aspiring artists who will try everything to succeed in the famous Broadway. Netflix goes with terror and fantasy with Locke and Key, after reaping successes in the genre with “The Curse of Hill House” and “Stranger Things”.

On the 13th  the Reed Hastings platform will host the new season of “Narcos: Mexico”, acclaimed crime series that began narrating the search for and eventual capture of Pablo Escobar and titled “Narcos”. This new series of episodes will examine the events surrounding Operation Legend, one of the DEA’s major maneuvers on foreign soil that was hell bent on putting an end to the control of the cartels. Then, on 14th  we will know the outcome of the telephone operators of “The Cable Girls”, already into its fifth season. Ramón Campos puts an end to this story having worked simultaneously on the “High Seas”, “Instinct” and “On Death Row”.

“Las chicas del cable”

This month there are also two fifth seasons with Movistar Series. The first, on the 17th, “Outlander”, a story halfway between science fiction and romance that follows the combat nurse Claire Randall. Without a doubt, another example of the inheritance that “Lost” left us at the time of conceiving the serial narrative, where the generic codes no longer matter instead giving way to a creative freedom that includes from the most recalcitrant love affairs to the leaps in the craziest of times.

The second, “Better Call Saul”, will continue with the events surrounding the life of theCriminal lawyer Jimmy McGill. According to its creator, Vince Gilligan, we are getting closer to its predecessor, “Breaking Bad”, knowing that this installment acts as a prequel with the same ingredients and characters, that is, the recognizable universe that Gilligan opened in 2008 continues to unfold.

Better Call Saul

On the 21st, Amazon Prime Video will release “Hunters”, a series with the inexcusable presence of Al Pacino after taking on the role of Jimmy Hoffa in “The Irishman”. A priori, the plot isn’t far from that of Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards” because we also meet a group of Nazi hunters who discover a plot in New York to found a hypothetical Fourth Reich. “The Man in the High Castle” immediately comes to mind, the adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel also produced by Amazon Prime and that takes us to an alternative reality where the Nazis emerged victorious from World War II. In general, we have a hectic month ahead in February, although there are more starter series that will have to break through in this audiovisual ecosystem so abundant with initiative, quality and abundance.

Arnau Martín Camarasa, student of Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University.
I carried out the humanistic baccalaureate in Sant Adrià de Besòs.
My main goal is to become a critic, analyst or professor specialized in cinema or television series.
I have more concrete goals that would help me in this purpose, such as trying to attend to film festivals, be part of the jury and contact specialized critics in order to gradually professionalize me.