The highlights from a year that literally saw thousands of series released include “The Crown”, “Watchmen” and Spanish series “The Neighbor”

The 2019 television harvest has been so abundant (with more than 500 series in the United States alone) that the most difficult thing is to highlight only a handful. In addition to the arrival of Apple TV + and the arrival of Disney + in North America, this year has also been the (frustrating) end of “Game of Thrones” and the consolidation of Spanish fiction on platforms: HBO Spain has released its first productions (“The Pioneer” and “Foodie Love”) and Netflix has just opened its European production center in Madrid. So, here’s the best from the year with something for all tastes.


10. “Marianne”, for all you terror fans

This French production for Netflix follows a writer who returns to her hometown when she realizes her nightmares have transcended into her reality. The eight episodes are packed with suspense and scares. Another one with terrifying creatures is the comedy “What We Do In The Shadows”.

Modern Love

9. “Modern love”, for the romantics among us

The famous “New York Times” column comes to Amazon Prime Video as the perfect remedy at the end of a bad day. The eight stories with a finale are a celebration of love in all its forms with some first-class actors, including Anne Hathaway. Those who like what they see might try “Jane The Virgin”.

Years and years

8. “Years and years”, for those who fear the future

This British dystopia by Russell T. Davies, a mixture of Spain’s “Cuéntame” and “Black Mirror”, presents a future filled with technology and populism, and the threat of a new world war. Available from HBO in Spain and the obvious recommendation if you haven’t already seen it would be “Black Mirror”.

The loudest voice

7. “The Loudest Voice”, for the skeptical

Available on Movistar +, the biography of Roger Ailes, founder of Fox News, stars Russell Crowe. The series doesn’t hide the accusations of sexual abuse or the television genius of one of the godfathers of sensationalism. For a more feminist vibe but also about the inner workings of the media try “The Morning Show”.


6. “Euphoria”, to understand adolescence

Zendaya shrugs off her Disney girl garb with this HBO series that deals with love, friendship, drugs and unabashed sex. Another production for young people that will entertain adults is “Sex Education”.


5. “Fleabag”, for well-adjusted women

The exceptional vision of Phoebe Waller-Bridge shines in “Fleabag” (Amazon Prime Video), which follows a young woman in her thirties with a razor-sharp dark sense of humor. For another exceptional woman, see “The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel.”


4. “Chernobyl”, so we don’t forget our History

It doesn’t matter whether you know about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster or not, the brilliant interpretations and the story with multiple points of view of the disaster have turned the Sky and HBO miniseries into an unprecedented success. For more historical work, check out “Hernán”.

When they see us

3. “When They See Us”, moving with a conscience

Ava DuVernay reviews the story of five African-American and Latino teenagers convicted of a crime they did not commit in an addictive and militant miniseries. “Unbelievable”, also about a true case of sexual abuse, is in a similar vein.


2. “Watchmen”, not just for comic lovers

Disconcerting at first (the hallmark of its creator, Damon Lindelof), the adaptation of cult comic “Watchmen” is entertaining, deep and impeccably well-staged. If you’re looking for more superheroes, try the comedy “The Boys”.

The crown

1.“The Crown”, for everyone

The biography of Elizabeth II (Netflix), starring Olivia Colman, conquers with its amazing performances, highly-intelligent dialogues and a masterful balance between historical fact and private life.

The Neighbor

The Spanish podium

Bronze medal goes to “Money Heist 3”, the most popular foreign language series on Netflix, which has maintained its rebellious essence with a huge budget. Silver goes to “Vida perfecta” (Movistar+), about the changes in the lives of three thirty-year olds. And, the surprise of the year came on Christmas Eve with “The Neighbor” (Netflix) a series about a superhero whose villain is capitalism.

Helena Cortés. Journalist and audiovisual communication. ABC, AbC Play TV, ABC Play Series. I learn and teach in Universidad Carlos III