The latest series Isabel Coixet has given birth to has me hopelessly addicted. And I say, ‘given birth to’ for good reason because her DNA is in every monologue and in each snippet of information administered with absolute mastery. Flashbacks and interlaced images that may not make much sense, but come together to make us gasp as they become one in the final episode. As I said, a perfectly recognizable child of Coixet but, in my opinion, with a fresh touch.

My relationship with the work of the Coixet has been a roller coaster turned pleasant Ferris wheel ride. Apart from addiction, I expect a series to move me and with Foodie Love, I’ve found the words I turn to when I want to be inspired. Magnificent soliloquies, mythical phrases and the treatment of a story in which two strangers get to know each other are the perfect ingredients to leave us with an excellent taste in our mouths as a climax to this year.

Although the storyline isn’t original, boy meets girl through an application, the series also takes a ‘slow simmer like the best stews’ approach to this with satellite stories springing up around our couple; stories of equal depth and importance in themselves. For example, in episode two, the character of Yolanda Ramos tells us her story and it almost takes on more relevance than the principal, thus certifying for the record that Ramos breathes a life of her own into the characters she plays. The overwhelming naturalness of Laia Costa and the restraint exercised by Guillermo Pfening’s character ensure that the thirty minutes the episode lasts fly by.

Each episode is a story with a plot twist to wrap things up, as if it were a series of short films. Coixet shows us that creating art with a capital means having to expose yourself as she does unrepentantly, opening up and showing her vulnerability, which she discussed on her social media the day of the premiere.

As if that weren’t enough, it shows us where we can have a coffee with the style of an instagramer, that if you want to uncover your coolest side you have to visit a clandestine cocktail bar, and that oriental food is quickly taking hold in our weekly menus. All this, along with many other tips that present Barcelona as the ideal city to enjoy the foodie culture, even though not everything is inspired by it.

In an interview with Elle, Isabel said: ‘You watch the eight episodes and of course… you end up with a real appetite to eat and fuck’ and I concur. Although, you don’t always have someone on hand to perform the latter.

And, speaking of second parts, let’s hope that HBO and Coixet are up for the task.

And remember: “Life’s short, very short” 😉