‘Messiah’, ‘Dracula’, ‘Titans’, ‘Sex Education’, ‘The New Pope’ and ‘The visitors’ are some of the new arrivals of 2020

2020 opens its doors with Netflix still leading the VOD market. The Californian-based platform will be bringing us an extensive catalogue of fresh material arriving on the first day of the year. First up is Messiah, the story of a CIA agent who investigates an individual who supposedly has the power to work miracles in a sectarian environment, and, from the get-go, we’re faced with the central dilemma and enigma: is the guy a fake or is he for real?

On the 4th day of 2020, Netflix will release Dracula, a BBC miniseries that for the umpteenth time resuscitates, (pardon the pun) Bram Stoker’s famous figure, and then on the 10th we’ll have the second batch of episodes of Titans to look forward to in last year’s provocative series which contributed to denaturing the condition of superhero to find fresh plot outlets within the genre.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

As we’re already aware, the company doesn’t skimp on expenses when it comes to offering product diversity in its productions and on the 17th, we’ll be able to enjoy Season two of the critically acclaimed Sex Education. Then, on the 24th, the third season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina starring the sweet and bewitching Kiernan Shipka, who once embodied the daughter of the illustrious Don Draper in Mad Men.

HBO, in co-production with The Mediapro Studio and Haut et Court TV, didn’t bat an eye when a follow-up to the hit The Young Pope was proposed and this time, we see the remarkable John Malkovich leading the cast. The sequel, The New Pope is available from the 11th.

The New Pope

Two days later, we jump from religion to intrigue with the arrival of The Outsider, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel directed by Jason Bateman. This is the story of a murder that takes place in a peaceful town and has supernatural overtones, very much in line with the writer’s imagination. Actor Ben Mendelsohn plays the detective investigating the crime along with Cynthia Erivo.

HBO have also found a slot for black comedy with the arrival of season ten of Curb Your Enthusiasm, on the 20th. Larry David captains this extravagant project in addition to interpreting himself honoring the unruliest movie metalanguage.

Amazon Prime Video continues banking on action and espionage with Treadstone, with the series having already seen the light of day on cable TV channel Network in the US, where it was received with mixed reviews. The show is closely tied to the whole Jason Bourne franchise, embodied by a Matt Damon in a veritable state of grace.


In the New Year, Amazon’s video streaming lineup will feature the Spanish romantic comedy Pequeñas Coincidencias, a serialized format created by Javier Veiga available to subscribers from January 15th. And for the main course to wrap up the month in a suitably fitting manner, Amazon will allow us a glimpse at what happened to Jean-Luc Picard after the destruction of Romulus in Stark Trek: Nemesis, as the franchise returns with a series produced by CBS and created Alex Kurtzman, Star Trek: Picard.

The new and powerful disruptors in the world of SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand), Apple TV and Disney +, continue to develop the series and films they announced last year, and we’ll all have a chance to savor in 2020. Apple TV, after venturing into the world of ordinariness and simplicity with See and Truth Be Told, prepares the animated musical comedy Central Park and Defending Jacob, a courtroom drama starring Chris Evans. Disney + will host full length features from either Marvel or Pixar to balance the scales with its new proposals, very much in line with mainstream action and advent