The end of the year is nigh and here at Inside Media blog, we’ve made a selection of the best series released in 2019. We’d hate for the year to end without you having done your homework, so, these are, in our opinion, the 10 must-see shows of 2019:


1. Chernobyl

Stunning recreation of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster based on Svetlana Aleksievich’s eye-witness account. Starring Jared Harris and with a claustrophobic setting, this miniseries narrates the institutional lie about the nightmare whose impact still echoes with us today.

Where: HBO
Episodes: 5

Years and years

2. Years and Years

This British dystopia starring an everyday family that could be the next-door neighbors which looks at the present and makes a diagnosis of what is coming in the future as a call for us to take responsibility for the times. Incisive and emotionally intense episodes that feature a stellar Emma Thompson

Where: HBO
Episodes: 6

The Virtues

3. The Virtues

Stephen Graham’s role here is the stuff of standing ovations. The British actor puts himself in the shoes of a character who faces the memories of his childhood in this crude autobiographical miniseries by Shane Meadows. By far the interpretation of the year.

Where: Filmin
Episodes: 4

Our Boys

4. Our Boys

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is the focus of this miniseries whose protagonist struggles to avert the ‘an eye for an eye’ response after the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas. A true story that reflects on the vicious circle of violence and the price to be paid when hate rules our streets.

Where: HBO
Episodes: 10


5. Undone

He has shown that an animated series can also have complex characters and realistically portray human relationships. Alma’s story is part introspection and part hallucinogenic journey. The creator of BoJack Horseman again challenges the limits of what an animated series is supposed to be.

Where: Amazon
Episodes: 8

When they see us

6. When They See Us and Unbelievable

2019 was the year of the miniseries based on real-life events that have outraged us. The overwhelming denunciation of racism in the case of When They See Us and of how female victims of rape are treated in Unbelievable are the two best examples of a type of drama that is indispensable, even though it doesn’t make for easy viewing.

Where: Both on Netflix
Episodes: 4 and 8 respectively

After Life

7. After Life

A celebration of life in spite of life itself featuring a surprisingly vulnerable and candid Ricky Gervais. The series oscillates between the realms of comedy and drama to talk about grief and bitterness as a defense mechanism in reference to his own alter ego as a comedian.

Where: Netflix
Episodes: 7


8. Euphoria

Generational portrait of the modern-day teenager that looks at their relationship with drugs and sex full on and without wincing. Perhaps slightly exaggerated at some points, because every generational portrait has its portion of the provocative, but with honesty in the background. Formally risky and with young talented actors. 

Where: HBO
Episodes: 9

The Loudest Voice

9. The Loudest Voice

Russell Crowe is impeccable playing the infamous Roger Ailes in this series about the man who was the director of FOX News and by extension one of the architects of Donald Trump’s success. This journalistic House of Cards is thorough in explaining the techniques he used and which the network still relies on today.

Where: Movistar
Episodes: 7

The Boys

10. The Boys

What could be better than a group of superpowers to talk about the abuse of power? This Amazon series, an adaptation of the Garth Ennis comic, has been one of this year’s revelations with his thuggish style that he manages to make compatible with a scathing criticism of Hollywood and the world of entertainment today.

Where: Amazon
Episodes: 9

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