Once again this summer, heat waves have made headlines with record-high temperatures. Everyone has their own formula for fighting the heat, in our case, we go for watching series that feature cooler climates.

1. “The Terror”. An expedition to the Arctic is the ideal TV plan for these scorchios, but if the cooler climate our trepid explorers meander, we also throw in a monstrous creation, then our hair will truly be on edge and the goosebumps won’t be long about appearing, despite the weather’s man thermostat marking 40º. Based on Dan Simmons’ novel, the series features Jared Harris and Cirián Hinds and is more claustrophobic than a 19th century English prison cell from start to finish. Who knows, maybe you enjoy watching folk freezing to death? Available on Amazon.

The Terror

2. Trapped. You’re going to freeze your ass off in this Icelandic series that opens with the discovery of a corpse, coinciding with the arrival of a ferry in the port. Detective’s back’s against the wall to solve the case, with the additional inconvenience of a major blizzard on its way that’s going to cut the area off leave it incommunicado. The series is available from Movistar, where you can also check out other chilling criminal series, including Fortitude.


3. Game of Thrones. Any excuse will suffice to watch Game of Thrones episodes again, but the ideal choice for these scorching-hot days are the episodes set in northern lands, filmed in Iceland. Jon Snow’s cold face, the Ice Wall and expeditions into the snow beat air-conditioning hands down. Season 3 is your best bet featuring the world beyond the Wall, with the Ygritte and Jon Snow storyline. If it’s gripping battles you’re after, then Hardhome (Season 5, episode 8) is your port of call. Available on HBO.

Game of Thrones

4. Seven Seconds. In The Killing it was the rain that accompanied our detectives throughout, mirroring the intensity of their moods. Here, it’s the snow, but hardly surprising seeing as they share the same screenwriter, Veena Sud. This time, our lead tandem battles the elements, (corruption and racism) to see justice done in the case of a young African American’s slaying. Available on Netflix.

Seven Seconds

 5. Fargo. The Cohen Brothers’ Minnesota is the perfect setting to lose yourself if you’re a fan of police stories with a touch of humor. The series captures the essence of the original film and expands the universe including additional independent seasons featuring a veritable troop of luxury appearances, with the likes of Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton, Kirsten Dunst, Ewan McGregor and Carrie Coon, among others. Available on Movistar, HBO and Amazon.


6. Northern Exposure. Warm and cuddly in spirit, there isn’t a TV feature out there that feels quite as comfortable as that created by Joshua Brand and John Falsey in Cicely. This list wouldn’t have been complete without a series set in Alaska. The uniqueness of the place often contrasts with Dr. Fleischmann’s urban style as he finds adapting to the town’s idiosyncrasies difficult. That and the extreme temperature. It’s the only series ever to feature a reindeer walking in the opening credits. Available on DVD.

Northern Exposure

7. Lilyhammer. After playing Silvio Dante in Los Soprano, actor and musician Steven Van Zandt stars in this solo series in which, yes, you’ve guessed it, he plays a gangster. This time he’s a gangster turned State’s witness against his own kind who goes into the witness protection program to begin anew in…Norway. The clash between the mafioso persona and life in a Norwegian town is a constant source of hilarity. Available on Netflix


8. The Sopranos. One of the most memorable episodes in the series is Pine Barrens (Season 3, episode 11), in which Christopher and Paulie are charged with rubbing out a Russian gangster and end up lost deep in the forest in the depths of winter. After a series of absurd mistakes they end up fighting to survive and avoid freezing to death amid reproaches and hilarious moments. The perfect recipe on loop to combat the hottest days this summer. Available on HBO.

Toni de la Torre. Critic of television series. He works in El Món de Rac 1, El Tiempo, Qué hacemos, Ahora Crecimientos, Sàpiens and Web Crític. He has written several pounds on television series. Professor at the school to Showrunners BCN and likes to lecture on series. Highlights the Premi Bloc de Catalunya, 2014.