Mediapro Labs is the latest content brand from Mediapro, which aims to
identify fresh talent in digital media with a view to forging partnerships and
producing new ideas and formats by connecting the different Group
divisions with the community of independent creative minds.
This is a development programme that’s eager to say “yes”. “Yes” to
collaborating with young talent on professional productions. After an
initial selection process, fresh creators will have the opportunity to
give their projects visibility and Mediapro the possibility of
producing them

The project will seek out stories to be told using high quality content
adapted to the aesthetic world of Instagram.

Mediapro Labs is also an academy and experience and knowledge-
sharing forum. A physical space where talks and lectures will be
scheduled to be delivered by industry-leading professionals and where
creative minds will have the opportunity to contact them and receive
The project will seek out stories to be told using high quality content
adapted to the aesthetic world of Instagram, something in growing
demand from brands, channels and media platforms.
Co-directed by Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi and Maya Maidagan,
Head of Digital Content at Mediapro Group.

Mediapro Labs will produce at least one audiovisual project from each of
the five different categories: fiction, entertainment programme,
documentary series, e-sports and podcast. Special emphasis will be
placed on the search for new formats and the exploration of “vertical”
narratives. Search for stories that are told through high quality content
adapted to the aesthetic world of Instagram, increasingly demanded
by brands, channels and audiovisual platforms.

Mediapro Talks
One of the cornerstones of Mediapro Labs is the training of talent.
Mediapro Talks consists of a series of talks and workshops given by the
project’s ambassadors, leading professionals from media sector who will
transmit their knowledge of the industry to fresh creative minds.

Ideas hub

Mediapro Labs has set up a permanent space in calle Maratón, 11 in
Madrid. In the heart of Madrid’s media quarter (Tres60), the facilities
have been designed as a co-creation space, a refuge where creators can
pitch their proposals and content, complete with an auditorium, studio,
work stations and a networking zone.

Mediapro Labs will travel regularly to the Group’s headquarters in
Barcelona (Diagonal 177), from where they hope to engage local talent in
getting in touch with the project.

The team

Mediapro Labs boasts a team of professionals from the Group dedicated
to prospecting proposals to be included in the incubator, as well as
providing support to creators and follow-up for the projects under
development. It will be co-directed by Maya Maidagan, Head of Digital
Content at Mediapro Group, together with Javier Calvo and Javier
, two of the most influential figures in media industry in recent
“Los Javis” will be especially involved in the fiction category project
selection, as well as acting as executive producers in a co-production of
the winning project between Mediapro and their production company
Suma Latina.

Mediapro Labs comes under the auspices of Mediapro Group’s Content
Division, directed by Javier Méndez Zori, from where the Group creates,
produces and distributes content for television, film and exhibitions, in
collaboration with creative talent such as Ran Tellem, David Simon,
Paolo Sorrentino, Daniel Calparsoro, Daniel Écija
and Daniel Burman.
Several of the company’s series are already benchmark projects in the
world of fiction in Spain (“Locked Up”, “I’m Alive”, “Red Eagle”, “The
Boarding school”
and “Night & Day”).

Currently, Mediapro‘s content division is involved in production projects
for HBO (“The New Pope”), YLE (“The Paradise”) and Turner (“Vote
), having produced series for Netflix (“Edha”), Amazon (“Six
and “All or Nothing: Manchester City“), DirectTV (“Side
), Fox (“Locked Up”) and Viacom (“N00Bees”).

In film, Mediapro has produced more than 50 films with directors such as
Woody Allen (“Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, “Midnight in Paris”), Oliver
(“Comandante”), Isabel Coixet (“Map of the Sounds of Tokyo”,
“Nobody Wants the Night”
), Fernando León de Aranoa (“Mondays in the
Sun”, “Princesas”, “A Perfect Day”
), Roman Polanski (“Carnage”),
Patricio Guzmán (“Salvador Allende”, “The Pearl Button”), Álex de la
(“Messi”), Manuel Huerga, (“Salvador (Puig Antich)”), Ernesto
(“Sergio & Sergei”), Joal Cosculluela (“Esteban”) and Gaston
( “My Masterpiece”).


Mediapro Labs will have prominent names from the sector who will act as
project Patrons. Some of these include leading media figures in Spain
who wish to be in contact with the creative minds of tomorrow and are
interested in new formats. Others are young creators who have had the support of Mediapro in their breakthrough audiovisual projects and will be
on hand to guide others throughout this new stage.
Project Patrons will actively participate in Mediapro Talks and will act as
mentors, sponsoring projects and helping creators to develop them.
These include names like Carmen Aguilera, director of El Intermedio, the
most popular programme on La Sexta; Thais Villas, journalist and
presenter of El Intermedio; Javier Olivares, screenwriter, historian,
playwright, lecturer and creator of “Isabel” and “The Ministry of Time“, among
others; Ibai Llanos, LVP caster and the most popular voice of e-sports in
Spain; Facu Díaz and Miguel Maldonado, responsible for late night
show “No Te Metas en Política” (Don’t Get Into Politics) and collaborators
in Late Motiv and other programmes; Quique Peinado, journalist, writer
and presenter of Zapeando, Radio Gaga, #Vamos from #0 among others,
and Esty Quesada (Soy Una Pringada) (I’m a Loser), writer, creator and
screenwriter, responsible for “Looser”, the successful Flooxer series.